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HP 4545s is now 20% cheaper

The necessity of owning a PC, especially laptop or tablet is enormous these days. Because of the fact that the choice is pretty great, people who aren’t experienced in this field, would find it hard to choose the right gear for them. I know that it is hard, especially if you are not professional, and that is why I want to share something with you. I was searching for a good and reliable laptop as a recommendation for a friend of mine. He told me the budget and his needs, so it was up to me to find the best laptop out there. After a thorough research, I ran onto this deal from or to be more accurate I found the deal for HP 4545s, which came out 20% cheaper. Well that is definitely a huge discount for a new laptop. The offer lasts until 31st December 2012.

HP ProBook 4545s

Describing the HP 4545s

The HP 4545s laptop has a 15.6 inch display, which when you look at it for the first time, may seem significantly larger than the average display. The HP ProBook 4545s has 9-cell LiIon battery capable of delivering 93 WHr power, which will be enough to last for seven hours. This type of battery has shown to be very reliable and HP implements it in all of its laptops. This model came with a licensed Windows 7 which could be easily upgraded to Windows 8. It was all included in the price. Pretty good deal, I would recommend everyone to use it.

Some facts about the processor

The HP ProBook 4545s comes equipped with AMD A-Series A8-4500M processor which can achieve clock speed of 2.8 Gigahertz. And when you compare it to other models of laptops or notebooks, you will conclude that this processor is nearly 1 GHz faster that others. If you are buying laptop or other computer, you must always be careful with the processor cache. In this model, the cache of the processor is 4 MB, which is pretty much larger, unlike in other models. By me one of the most important things that I pay great attention while buying any PC or laptop, is the processor. This one surprised me a lot, and I kept on looking at the performances.

Some facts about the RAM

After looking further, I saw that the RAM on the HP ProBook 4545s was pretty much the same like other similar configurations, or to be more accurate, it was 4 GB. It is a DDR 3 RAM, that works on 1333 MHz and the most interesting thing is that, every user can upgrade the configuration of RAM up to 8 GB. This upgrade will work without any problems, or any additional upgrades.

The built in storage

The HP ProBook 4545s comes equipped with 500 GB hard disk that runs on 7200 RPM. As for the other types of storage, the initial version of the laptop has built in DVD±RW (±R DL) / DVD-RAM – Fixed. There is also an option to install additional storage like card readers or USB storages, on the USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports.

Why you should buy HP Probook 4545s

These are the technical characteristics of the HP Probook 4545s. It has shown as one of the top three most reliable models. Customers have witnessed about its qualities and reliability. I would definitely recommend it to everyone, and another reason is that you will get 20% cheaper, if you visit web store.