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Ignite Passion with a Valentine’s Day Magazine Subscription

Are you still searching for a Valentine’s Day gift for your significant other? Are you looking for a unique gift that celebrates the special passion of the one you love? Does your girlfriend love to exercise? Does your husband love to cook? Is your wife a fashion lover or your boyfriend an avid camper?

How about searching for a new magazine that celebrates his or her interest? No matter what your significant other loves to do you are bound to find a magazine that excites his or her passion. As your wife reads through the pages of a magazine she’ll be inspired to try new exercise routines or try out new fashions. As your husband leafs through articles he will be energized to cook new recipes or explore new destinations.

Man Reading a Magazine

Magazines provide the added benefit of providing a year long, or possibly multi-year long gift, that keeps on giving month after month. This weekend is offering a multi-year valentine’s sale featuring over 150 titles starting at only $3 a year! Here are a few worthy titles worth considering.

Bon Appetit

bon appetit magazine cover

A Bon Appetit subscription will provide your significant other with access to a wide variety of delicious dishes and recipes provided by experienced and talented chefs. Bon Appetit provides gorgeous images of the meals you can’t wait to prepare. Each issue is filled with a wide range of recipes that will increase the complexity of your cooking and make you feel like a pro. You will also find elegant entertainment ideas and restaurant and wine reviews. Combine this gift subscription with an elaborate home cooked meal or buy the ingredients for a recipe you know your significant other would love to prepare. Right now you can order Bon Appetit for just $15 a year. That’s a 69% discount off the $47.88 cover price. One, two and three-year subscriptions are available.

Men’s Fitness

Mens Fitness Magazine

January is the month for New Year’s resolutions and February is often the time when those resolutions begin to tucker out. Keep your husband moving towards his fitness goal with a subscription to Men’s Fitness. This magazine provides informative articles related to exercise routines, general fitness, weight loss and style. Search through the magazine for a fitness routine you and your spouse can try together. Place your sneakers in a box along with the magazine and tell your boyfriend you’d like to exercise together. Men’s Fitness is currently on sale for $18.97. That’s 62% off the regular $49.99 cover price!



Is your significant other the type who dreams of spending the weekend backpacking through the mountains or hiking down long trails? If your spouse would rather strap a tent on his back then pack a suitcase to a five star hotel then Backpacker would make a great gift subscription. This magazine is filled with the best places, gear and information for hiking and camping trips. Grab your husband’s tent and sleeping bags and set them up in the backyard. Then present this magazine and tell your spouse you plan to spend more time sleeping under the stars together. This weekend you can buy a year long subscription to Backpacker for only $12.

Yoga Journal Magazine

Yoga Today Magazine

Does your significant other have a goal of greater fitness in 2017? Does she wish to stretch her muscles, improve her health and expand her mind? Yoga Journal magazine provides benefits for beginners as well as advanced yogis. Inside this magazine you will find alternative poses based on the skill level of the reader. By providing beginner, intermediate and advanced poses you will find the position and pose that is just right for you. You will also find food, meditation and lifestyle articles bound to inspire you to clear your mind and strengthen your overall being. Present this gift alongside two new yoga mats. Tell your spouse or girlfriend you’d like to take time each morning to stretch and perform yoga poses together. Right now you can buy Yoga Journal magazine for $15.97. A 70% discount off the regular cover price!

Afar Magazine

Afar Magazine

Does your wife or girlfriend love to travel? Does she dream of visiting exotic locations? Is she the type of person who would love to board a plane to any adventure? If you have a travel lover in your life then consider buying a subscription to Afar magazine. This magazine provides a wide range of travel topics including destinations, hotels and resorts. Buy a train ticket, a plane ticket or simply hop in the car and randomly point at the map, then provide your significant other with this magazine and let them know that 2017 will be the year for travel and adventures. This weekend you can purchase Afar magazine for $19.99. A 33% discount off the regular cover price.

Help ignite the passion of your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend or significant other this Valentine’s Day. Choose a magazine based on his or her interests and then promise to cook, camp, exercise, meditate or travel together! Check out the huge sale at this weekend!