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Indoor Hobbies to Keep You & Your Family Busy This Winter

Brrr, it’s cold outside! Oh yeah, it’s still winter. Why can’t winter stop once the holidays are over? Staying inside is the only option with plummeting. Indoor activities are starting to run dry and all I have been able to think about is spring!

Thank goodness for the internet (the ultimate indoor activity), I was able to find these three activities to do inside in the winter to keep your attention and stimulate your brain throughout the frozen months. Grab your nearest family member and

Research Your Family History & Genealogy

Twenty years ago, researching your family history required libraries, microfiche, and letter writing skills. Now, all it takes is an internet connection and some spare time.

This is a perfect activity for the winter time because it involves the whole family, and can be done in front of the computer or even the TV! Looking up ancient relatives is fun and exciting, who knows where it will take your imagination!

learning with daughter at laptop

Use a reputable service with good reviews. We have some promotions that could save you up to 50% off of your membership at! That’ll get you well on your way to discovering your family’s past.

Indulge in PC Games

Adults and kids alike love gaming. There are so many types of games, everyone can find something they love. Have you ever considered playing a video game or PC game with your family? It might sound weird, but just consider it!

children playing on laptop

Imagine your family gathered around the television or computer screen, actively participating in a mystery game or building a house in The Sims! Get up to 75% off of games during an Origin Games sale and introduce your family to a whole new kind of fun!

Learn About Repairing & Fixing Up a Car

If you have kids, you know how into technology they are. Not only is there is s much stimulation out there for them to pay attention to, but everything is automated! Many of the skills that parents used to pass along in decades passed are now accessible with the push of a button. Take a flat tire, for instance. Just grab your phone and call up your technician! Unless, of course, you’re outside of your provider’s service area. Then what?

Why not turn a heater on in the garage, and bring the kids in to show them the basic how-to’s behind car ownership. Not only will showing them how to change the oil help them keep their car in good shape when they’re old enough, but it’ll help you spend valuable time together!

car repair with auto parts coupons

Start by checking out the car you’re working on and seeing what it needs. Then, take the family to an auto parts store like O’Reilly Auto Parts and show them where to get all of the essentials. If you need to pick up items, show the kids that you’re smart about money by using O’Reilly Auto Parts coupons. The process of learning how to upgrade the family vehicle will create great memories, and get the car ready for springtime adventures!

There are tons of great ways you can make these “indoor months” a fun and productive time for you and your family. Don’t underestimate how much kids love games! There’s a way to turn every activity into a fun game that helps you get closer with, and better understand those who are closest to you.

Leave your favorite winter indoor activities in the comments!