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Indulge In a Luxurious DIY Facial at Home

Can you believe the price of some facials at day spas? For the prices they ask, you could buy full sizes of some excellent products and give yourself a dozen facials – at least! Why go through all that work when you can put on your favorite Netflix binge-watching show and give yourself a facial at home? Even the drugstore has great products for DIY facials, so there’s no excuse not to. Plus, we’re going to save to money along the way, don’t worry!

Facial Spa

Here are the DIY facial steps:

Exfoliate & Cleanse

We start this process off with the least pleasant of the steps: exfoliating. That is, rubbing coarse stuff on your face to get the dead skin off.

I take that back, it doesn’t have to be unpleasant, but it’s definitely abrasive and that can irritate your skin. In lieu of using a coffee or sugar scrub, many people have elected to combine the exfoliation and cleansing steps with a Clairsonic device.

Clairsonic Mia 2

We can help you save 10% on a Clairsonic device with a promo code! This little thing is like a mini facial in an of itself. Small, but powerful, and the testimonials from people with great skin are abundant.

This is clearly the most important step when it comes to preparing the face for all the stuff we’re about to slather on top of it. Now that the dead skin is gone and wiped away, we can clean that beautiful skin underneath.


You should always apply a face mask over clean skin! That way there are no barriers between you and the treatment of the mask. Whether you want to use a peel-off mask, mud mask, clay mask, or some other kind of mask is up to you. There are so many good ones!

Sephora orchid Face Mask

This mask from Sephora is meant to smooth the skin and provide anti-aging benefits. It’s a sheet mask, so it’s quite easy to use and all the messy parts are eliminated! Leave it on for 10-20 minutes and the proceed to the next step.

Have fun with this one! Beauty brands are coming up with tons of amazing masks now that they’re so popular. Pick one up that makes you smile and has great, specialized ingredients for your skin.


This is a step that gets rid of any residue or remnant of grime left over from your cleanser. It’s the final step in the skin preparation process before you begin to add nutrition.

Dickinsons Witch Hazel Toner

Witch hazel is a very popular toner among beauty gurus and skincare aficionados. It’s also very cooling, so it’s great in the summer months when you need a break from the humidity.


Once your skin is cleansed and toned, you can start adding all of the good stuff! But this is where things can get expensive, so it pays to be smart when shopping for skin serums and facial oils.

Start with the thinnest serum you have and work up to the thickest. Your serums and facial oils don’t have to be expensive, even drugstore brands have excellent options.LOreal Daily SerumL’Oreal knows good skincare, and this daily serum is under $20! Serums like this one will send moisture into your skin along with vitamins and nutrients that help skin repair itself. The best part is that you can find it at your local Rite Aid! Just kidding, that’s not the best part. The real best part is the fact that you can use Rite Aid coupons to save up to 25% off of your order, making this skincare even more affordable!


Antioxidants help your skin protect itself from the nasty stuff in the air. This serum is super affordable and on sale for less than $12, but with a coupon for Bulk Apothecary, you can get that price even lower! These two serums together will deliver a double-punch of nutrition to your nice, clean face.


Now, bath your skin in moisture. Giving yourself a facial right before bed means that this step is all about setting your skin up for the long-haul overnight. Slathering skin-loving moisturizers from collarbone to hairline can mean waking up with ultra-soft skin. It’s also soothing to skin that’s just been massaged and cleansed and oiled and prodded… If you get what I mean.

A lot of people stick with oils as their last step, and there are some really great, moisturizing oils that lock in all of the good work you did. But I like a thick, anti-aging cream to top off my facials.

Olay Total Effects 7 in 1 Moisturizer

Don’t forget your lips! The skin on your lips is extremely thin and delicate, it needs way more attention than people usually give them.

Beautycounter Lip ConditionerThis Beautycounter Lip Moisturizer is going to super-charge the hydration in your lips, and you could take 15% off of your Beautycounter order with coupons, and that will help knock that price tag down.

Bookmark this post for your next free week night! Your skin will appreciate the luxurious attention and your stress will melt away. What are your favorite facial skincare rituals?