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Insight To iPod Nano For Music Lovers

The iPod Nano is the leading gadget of our “digital revolution”.  Apple Inc. launched the 1st generation of iPod Nano in September of 2005.  Since then it has developed 7 generations of advancements on the original Nano, with the most advanced version released in October of 2012. The new Nano is “Completely Renanoed”, as the slogan states.


The iPod Nano has the following exceptional features:

1) Design– The 7th generation model features a size that is equivalent to the length of a credit card and thickness of only 5.4 mm. It also has a Multi Touch display that is 2.5 inches, which is twice the size of the 6th generation model, enabling you to have a larger viewing area. The body is made from anodized aluminium and comes in many colours.

2) Music– The newer version has a Genius feature, allowing you to be your own personal DJ! It also locates music that goes well with what you already have.  Users can even shake their Nano in order to shuffle their playlist.

3) Video– With a 2.5 inch screen, you will have larger viewing area for your home videos, tv episodes etc.  The Multi-Touch aspect will enable you to tap to pause, fast-forward, play and rewind.

4) Blue Tooth Technology– The 7th generation Nano has Blue tooth 4.0 built in. This wireless technology will enable you to pair your headphones or speakers, without the hassle of wires!

5) Radio Access– Through headphones, users will be able to listen to FM Radio. There is a Live Pause feature that will allow you to pause your song or show for up to 15 minutes. You can later rewind back to catch up or fast forward to listen to a live broadcast.

6) Newly designed Ear Pods– iPod’s new creation, Ear Pods, are designed to fit comfortably into every ear type.  The superior audio quality challenges current top ear phone models.

7) Durable Connector– A sleeker Nano requires a sleek connector. Ipod has designed a new connector to replace its 30-pin connector. It is supposed to be smaller, thinner and more durable.  Users of the older generation Nanos can take advantage of the new Lightning connector by purchasing an adapter.



The iPod Nano can be purchased for $149 USD and comes in a variety of colours.