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iPad Mini: A perfect replacement for iPad2

This was surprising and then not so. The one word that most users chose to associate with the iPad Mini was “intimate” or “cozy”! Well, we didn’t quite believe it, till we used it ourselves!

The iPad Mini is smaller than the mommy iPad, but it fits snugly in your hand. All of its 7.8 inches fits in your hand and it’s much lighter than the bigger version. What’s the USP on this? You can go back to using it with one-hand and the other hand can be holding a cup of coffee or a bus pole for that matter! There is ease and comfort with the iPad Mini.

But some people with petite hands might have that problem. The iPad Mini is smaller and lighter but not tiny. The mini has an aluminum exterior that gives it that classy metallic look and feel. It is cool to the touch and otherwise also!

iPad mini

That was the aesthetics!

Now let’s move to the technical specifications.

1. It has good pixel density, almost 164ppi. It’s an increase over the iPad 2’s. The colors are pleasing to the eye and sober.

2. It runs a dual core 1GHz processor with 512MB of RAM. The apps on this take time to load but they are up and running with 3-5 seconds. Web surfing is also cool. It’s fast enough to follow tabs and swipes, but can be better.

3. The battery life is where it beats every device hands down! By every device, we mean “EVERY” device. It gives an amazing 12 hours and 43 minutes of battery life. This was with a Wi- Fi looping video and fixed display brightness throughout!

4. It has a 5 Megapixel camera and a 1.2 megapixel front camera for Face time. It falters with low light shooting but does decent enough video recording.

It is light at just 312 grams or less than 10 ounces and feels sturdy in your palm. The edges are rounded off and that is an edge over the iPad, literally!

For a seasoned iPad user, why should you check out the iPad Mini?

If you have used an iPad before this one, you will probably only miss the Retina display when it comes to watching videos. But that’s just a one off thing. On other counts the i Pad Mini looks like a clear winner, say industry experts. You can take pictures, surf the web, read books and listen to music on a device that shockingly thin! It’s just 7.2mm thick or should we say thin. You will find that this device is easier to carry around as compared to your iPad. Also given that the iPad Mini has everything but the screen of the iPad 2, the iPad 2’s price is beginning to look a little steep. Experts doubt if it will be in the market for much longer!

With Apple cannibalizing its own products, it is the users that stand to gain. It’s no brain purchase, if you have been considering the iPad Mini.