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Is Amazon Fresh A Better Way To Shop for Groceries?

Do you hate going to the grocery store, navigating through the aisles, standing in line at the checkout, loading everything in your vehicle, driving home and unloading the bags, before the task of putting everything away? You may have answered yes, and if you did, there might be a better alternative. Why not just shop from your computer and skip right to putting your groceries away? Do you think this sounds too good to be true? Not if Amazon Fresh is available in your area.

My daughter is a very busy executive in Manhattan. After work, her evenings are full as well. She loves to cook though, and recreates many recipes she finds in the New York Times. Finding the time to go grocery shopping was a real challenge. Recently, she switched to Amazon Fresh, and absolutely loves it.

She found her grocery bill was cut considerably compared to shopping at Whole Foods. I know, Whole Foods is not a bargain grocery store, but it was the closest to where she lived, and eliminated schlepping everything on public transportation. Beyond the savings, she loves the time she saves and that Amazon Fresh delivers what she needs right to her door.

Could Amazon Fresh be a better option for you? Let’s look at the perks. First, you should make sure Amazon Fresh is available in your area by typing in your zip code. If it is great, if it’s not, they are planning on expanding into other areas, so keep checking.

Save Time

Not having to go to the store and shop is going to save time, and time is something we can all use more of. What could you do with the time you save and what is it worth to you? Does it mean more quality time with your kids, being able to take a bubble bath at the end of a long day or reading a few more chapters of your favorite book? Whatever you do with the time you save, I think it is safe to say, it will bring you more joy than going to the grocery store.

Save Money

While my daughter is saving on average $20-45 a week switching to Amazon Fresh, it may not be the same for you, especially if you were an extreme coupon, bargain shopper. You will need to check the prices on Amazon Fresh and compare them to where you shop now. You need to have an Amazon Prime Membership which can be paid monthly ($9.99) or yearly ($99.99) and then you will need to fork over $14.99 a month for Fresh. Shipping is free on orders of $40 or more. For orders less than $40, you will need to tack on a $9.99 delivery fee.

As for food prices vs traditional grocery stores, Amazon’s prices tend to be the same or less than you would pay in store. In some cases, they may be a bit higher, but remember you are not spending gas money or paying for public transportation.

Get Local Produce

If you like buying at farmer’s markets, you will not have to sacrifice that when you shop with Amazon Fresh. They partner with farmers to bring you local fruits and vegetables as delicious as, if you picked them yourself.

Choose Your Delivery Time

It is easy to choose a delivery time and day that works for you. You can even get your groceries delivered the same day or early the next morning.

Food Is Delivered Fresh

Amazon Fresh’s chilled totes keep your frozen food frozen, your meats fresh and your produce firm and crisp.

In the end, you should check it out for yourself to see if it is available in your area and how it compares to where you currently shop. You might just find a new way to get your groceries that allow you to shop less and live more.