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Is it Time for a New Pair of Jeans? Try These Stores


With summer soon coming to an end, it won’t be long before you need to brace yourself for colder weather. And, even at nighttime, the air gets a little bit chilly. You don’t want to be uncomfortable walking around in a pair of shorts. But, do you have anything to wear? Jeans may be overrated by some, but they’re pretty much a necessity.

And, just think for a minute…how long have you had your jeans for? They may be your favorite pair, the best in your closet, but isn’t it time for an upgrade? If you’ve got a few holes in them, they’re looking washed out, or they’re fringed at the bottom, it might be time to kick that pair to the curb and get a new one (or two).

Here’s where you can get nice jeans on the cheap:


When you’re looking to find a pair of jeans that fit as well as they look, then head to Kohl’s. They have jeans for all ages, sizes, and styles. Best of all, Kohl’s has so many great deals that you can probably take home more than one pair. Now at Kohl’s you can get up to another 15% off site-wide using the promo code SUPERSAVER, as well as Kohl’s cash!


Yes, you can buy Levi’s at Kohl’s, but sometimes going to straight the source can give you more options on jeans and also save you more money. Shopping at Levi’s can save you an extra 50% off sale styles, as well as 30% off orders over $100, and 25% off plus free shipping when you sign up online.

American Eagle

Many people love American Eagle jeans. They’re comfortable, fit nicely for all body shapes, and have tons of styles available. Also, the prices are already quite reasonable, but when you can save more, why not? Now, American Eagle has buy one get 50% off all jeans and shorts. What a deal!



Department stores are always a safe bet when it comes to finding jeans that you like and feel good in. So, if you’re having trouble finding jeans at a good price, then head to Sears! Go on a shopping spree and take care of the whole family since here you can get $35 off $300. But, if you don’t plan on spending $300 in jeans, Sears is also having 20% off back to school clothing.

Lucky Brand

Want some fancy jeans this time around? Lucky Brand has high quality jeans that will last you a long time, so it’s worth spending a little extra on these. But, just because they cost more than regular jeans, doesn’t mean you actually need to spend more. That’s because Lucky Brand is currently having a sale where you can buy one, get one pair 50% off!

Don’t put off getting a new pair of jeans! You can get a new pair at a nice price!