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Items Every Work at Home Mom Needs in Her Desk

When you work at home – and you have kids – life can be chaotic. That’s why there are certain items every mom needs to have in her desk in order to make her work life a little easier. Take a look at this list of my must-have items, and then tell me what items you absolutely cannot live without…

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  • Portable Cell Phone Charger – When working from home, I absolutely cannot be tied down because of a phone charger. There are days I have to use my phone all day long to talk to clients, and if I constantly need to charge my phone, I can’t have it stuck by a cord in the wall. That’s why I am so thankful for portable chargers! Take a look at the portable chargers available at ChargeTech and be sure to use a promo code to help you save up to 50%!

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  • Bluetooth Ear Piece – Sometimes, you have to talk on the phone when you’re a work at home mom. Trust me, I get how absolutely difficult that can be. Try holding a grown-up conversation when all 8 kids decide to pick that very minute to start arguing over the color of so-and-so’s socks. It’s hard. But, when those phone calls have to happen, but you also have to multi-task, a wireless ear piece is a must! Check out these Wireless OEM Shop promo codes and save big when you buy a bluetooth headset.
  • Healthy Snacks – Nuts, power bars, meal bars, and granola are all great options for healthy snacks you can keep in your desk. Work at home moms know that sometimes lunch isn’t an option for themselves, so after they’ve fed the kids, they need something they can grab quickly that will give them the boost they need to power through the rest of the day.
  • Bandaids – Yes, I know you probably have some of these in your bathroom. I get that. But if you have kids, and if you’re working at your desk, I suggest you keep a box of bandages in your desk — just in case! You never know when your little one will need a bandaid to cover a boo-boo. Rather than have to stop working to take care of things, you can quickly and easily cure their bumps and bruises with the bandaids you keep in your drawer. (Obviously, if they are really hurt, you’ll have to stop working. But I’m sure you know that. 😉 )

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  • A Mug to Keep Coffee Warm Longer – Invest in a good mug that ‘s made to keep your coffee warmer longer. You don’t want to have to microwave your cup 15 times throughout the day, so get one that will help the heat stay trapped in the mug.
  • Refillable Water Bottle – Once you’ve finally finished your morning coffee, you need to stay hydrated while you’re running all day. A water bottle that you can quickly refill will keep you on track with your daily water intake goals.

Those are my must-have items as a work at home mom. What items made your list?