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It’s Still Wedding Season! Here Are Some Better Gift Ideas

wedding gifts

Wedding season has just begun, and even if you’ve already had some parties to attend to, the fun is just getting started. But, as we all know, weddings don’t come cheap. They don’t come cheap for the bride or groom, and they certainly don’t come cheap for the guests. (We mean that in the best possible way, of course!) In addition to rewarding the bride and groom with your presence, you’ll actually need to get them a PRESENT…one they’ll actually use.

And, while some couples register at stores like Target, Williams-Sonoma, or Bed Beth & Beyond, others are willing to see what their guests come up with. And, let’s not mention the engagement gifts and the bridal shower!)

Before you run out of gift ideas, we’re here to help you. And, with these prices, you’ll be able to attend more than one wedding this year without getting a headache over your funds (or lack thereof).

wedding gifts

A Wine Closet

That new wife and husband are going to need a homecoming gift that’s something other than plates and blenders. Being the cool friend/cousin/sibling/aunt or uncle you are, you obviously need to get more creative. That’s why a wine closet or home bar is the perfect gift! After all, it’s the kind of gift everyone wants but wouldn’t buy it for themselves. (Hence, why it’s great as a wedding gift!)

wedding gifts

A Vacation

Not every couple can afford a honeymoon these days. And, even if they can, that shouldn’t be the only trip they get to dream about when starting their lives as a married couple. We’re not saying you have to go all out and get them an expensive trip that you wouldn’t even do for yourself. But, with these great discounts, you can get them a weekend stay-cation at a hotel, chip in for flights to a new city with other guests, or get them tickets to a show.

wedding gifts

Comfy Robes and Slippers

Every couple imagines themselves on their wedding weekend or honeymoon, lounging around in those gorgeous robes and slippers that hotels provide. The problem is, hotels rarely provide that, and if they do, you can’t take them home! If you want your best friends to feel like every day is their wedding day, then do them a solid and get them this gift.

wedding gifts

A Couple’s Massage

This is a no brainer. Whether it’s before the stress of the wedding takes over or after it wears off, these guys need this. Get it at Wi Spa in LA starting at $50! Or, check out Groupon!

wedding gifts

The Entertainment Hook-Up

You’ve been over the couple’s house a million times, and now that they’re going to be married, that TV they’ve had since their college days seriously needs to go. Or, maybe they’re still borrowing your Netflix and it’s time they get their own. Whatever the case is, a great wedding gift that not many people think of is the entertainment hook-up. Get them Roku, a Firestick, Sling TV, a new entertainment set, a projector, or Google Home. And, make sure every time you go to their house thereafter you say, “WHO GOT YOU THAT?!”

wedding gifts

Fun Kitchen Supplies

Yes, the married couple needs the new dishes, the cutlery, the placemats, the pots, the pans, and all that other good stuff. But what about the trendy spice rack, the zucchini-spaghetti maker, or the food dehydrator? Only you know what they REALLY want.

wedding gifts

Quirky Decor

If everytime you walk into Urban Outfitters or Barnes and Noble you think to yourself, “That would be a great gift for (insert married couple’s name here)” then what are you waiting for? Whether it’s that funky coffee table book, the interesting board games, or those little seed pods they can grow in their kitchen, they all would make great wedding gifts.

wedding gifts


Blue Apron? BarkBox? Stitch Fix? There are a million and one things that people can get as subscriptions now, delivered right to their door every month. The problem is, no one wants to pay for it. This is where you come in! Get them the gift they’ve always wanted but would never think to ask!

This wedding season, everyone will want YOU as their guest with these awesome gifts!