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It’s Time To GO GREEN With Your Phone

We all are living in that era when everyone has finally woken up to the needs of our mother nature. The lush greenery, blooming colorful flowers and the breathtaking view of nature they all compel us to do our bit, no matter how small that may be. And to keep this spirit alive in you we have also pledged to help you make your life greener than ever. Below we have enlisted the best green apps that will make you stick to your resolution

1. Good Guide

good guide

As the name suggests this is one app which will become your green guide in all your shopping errands. With a database of over 1, 70, 000 products you would just need to scan the barcode to know its environmental rating.

2. Green Outlet

green outlet

Green outlet is one app you cannot afford to ignore. Not only does it help you save your environment but also helps to cut back on your electricity bill. It works its magic by identifying the appliances that have the most running cost thereby saving electricity and hence, money and eventually, our environment.


If you are looking for a salon, a yoga studios or even a grocery store that is ecofriendly then, FIND GREEN is your best friend.  Just type in what you are looking for and it will pop up all the Green options in the area along with directions.

4. Green Gas Saver

 Green Gas Saver

Cars have played a major role in pollution but we cannot do without them. However, by using Green Gas Saver we can control the waste emitted while driving and also monitor our gas usage.

5. Green Charging

Green Charging

If our phone could set an alarm off or vibrate when it is fully charged we all could save a lot of electricity. Since phones cannot do so, therefore we have Green Charging app that would alert you when your phone is charged.



Why waste paper on printing business cards when you can electronically design your own Business Card and send it to other smartphones. YPRINTIT app not only helps you design but also puts your contact in your client’s address book and vice versa.

7. iRecycle


Did you know there are over 1,50,000 different ways in which one can recycle 350 different materials, most of which are present inside our houses. iRecycle helps you identify these recycling opportunities inside and outside your home.

8. GreenPower Free Battery Saver

greenpower free battery saver

Fully automatic Green Power is your one time configuration app that smartly handles your mobile usage, mobile brightness, Bluetooth and everything that consumes power to save battery life.

9. GreenMe

green me

Download the Green Me app and become part of the world’s largest green mobile community where you can post each day five different ways to go green. You can also contribute to the biggest collection of green ideas ever.

10. Green Peace Tissue Guide

Green Peace Tissue Guide

This app designed by Greenpeace is your guide to purchasing the environment friendly tissue papers that would improve the state of our eco-system.

So, with theses ten amazing apps its time you log on download and GO GREEN.

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