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Jaw-Dropping Father’s Day Cards

Normally when you open a gift, you give the card a quick glance before you move on to the good stuff. You might give a quick laugh or say, “Awww,” but you’ll actually give it a good, thorough read later after you’ve seen what’s inside the box.

It’s 2017, and normal has flown out the window. As Father’s Day approaches, you have a chance to give Dad a card that will steal the show. LovePop has created a slew of cards with intricate pop-up scenes, many of which are perfect for Father’s Day.

Penguin 3D Card

Penguins are awesome birds. Mom and Dad are truly equal partners in parenthood as one watches the egg and the young while the other goes off to hunt. Penguin parents have even been known to starve themselves in order to feed their young. It’s dramatic, but demonstrates the full love and devotion of parenthood.

Penguin dads are some of the best dads. Celebrate you dad as one of the best with this beautiful card that calls on penguin power.

Baby Bear 3D Card

If you’ve got an infant, this Baby Bear card is perfect for a first Father’s Day. It channels the love and adoration new dads shower on their young, and shows him how much the whole family appreciates it.

Also, honey.

Basketball Team 3D Card

If Dad’s watching the NBA Finals, he’s probably the kind of guy that would love this card. Summertime is also prime time for pickup games, making this pick not only great for the basketball fan in your life, but also seasonally appropriate.

While all the cards are breathtaking in person, this one was shown to investors during LovePop’s appearance on Shark Tank. It got the stamp of approval.

Baseball 3D Card

Summertime is also baseball season. Many of us spent more than a few summer days with our dads at the ballpark, and we see a similar trend playing out with our kids. Invoke those memories of peanuts and crackerjacks with this fun card for Father’s Day 2017.

We especially love this option for dads who are Giants fans as the giant glove reminds us a lot of left field at AT&T Park in San Francisco.

Camping Trip 3D Card

Another fun summer activity with Dad is all those camping trips. S’mores by the fire, fishing in the river, and hikes through the woods have filled many a summer day for youth. Whether Dad was your Scout Leader or took the family down the scenic route to reconnect with nature, this card is sure to spark some conversations that lead down memory lane.

Memories are what make the moment.

Ultimately, the best card for your dad will be the one that recalls fun memories you had together. It makes the card not only visually enchanting, but also gives you the chance to talk about all the happy and meaningful times you’ve spent together. And what could be a better Father’s Day gift than that?