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Keep An Eye On Your Wallet, And Dental Care, With

While the cost of dental care is expected to increase 58% through 2018, the fear of pain isn’t the only thing keeping people away from the dentist these days.

The National Association of Dental Plans reports that about half of Americans do not have a dental insurance plan. Also, 50% of the uninsured and 30% of insured patients have skipped necessary dental care visits due to financial burdens, according to a Harris Interactive/HealthDay Poll.

Consumers across the country are trying to find money saving solutions and maintain their oral hygiene, which studies have shown to impact overall health.

As far as I’m concerned, for an affordable solution and alternative to dental insurance, discount dental plans at are a good plan if you want to take a bite out of dental bills. And, if you use coupon code CouponSnapShot10 at checkout, you can save 10% off any discount dental plan that fits your needs. connects individuals, families and groups to significant savings on dental care procedures such as cleanings, root canals and even cosmetic dentistry with some plans. Visitors of Dental Plans can access a nationwide search engine to compare discount dental plans by ZIP, view sample savings and find a nearby dentist.

For example, if you click and enter your ZIP, one of more than 30 national and regional plans displayed could be Aetna Dental Access, offering 15% to 50% savings on everything from general dentistry and cleanings to braces for your children. plans do not have annual limits, and can be used as often as needed. Some plans can be coupled with insurance to reduce out-of-pocket costs once the typical cap of $1,100 a year for individuals or $2,200 for families is reached. is a budget-friendly solution for consumers, providing discounts on dental procedures at more than 100,000 participating dentist listings in combined networks nationwide. As a dental discount plan provider, the website offers plans starting at $79.95 per year for individuals and $129.95 per year for families.

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