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Keep Dry This Spring with Waterproof Rain Boots

You know spring is officially here because everywhere you go, there are puddles to jump over and downpours to dodge. The rain has come, and nothing is worse than wet socks, am I right? Defend your feet by arming yourself with these waterproof footwear essentials.

Everyday Rain Boots

First of all, you need something that you can wear every single day, no matter where you’re going or what you’re doing. These should look great with everything from jeans to a last minute pub date. Black is always a safe choice, but if you’re feeling brave, pick up a less common neutral boot with some individualizing details.

Bogs are incredibly durable and adorable. There are many colors to choose from, but I like the olive green color the most. Pick your size and style, from short ankle boot to nearly-knee-high. Then, prepare to save money on your Bogs order because we’ve got coupons. People have saved over $40 on Bogs with our sweet deals!

Heavy Rain Boots

Depending on where you are in the world, springtime can mean anything from an increase in drizzly days to complete flooding. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter what your plans are – you’re going to be wading through water to get there. These times call for a heavy duty rain boot, and I have just the pair.

Hunter has been making boots for over 130 years, and they remain due to their exceptional quality. In short, these boots are reliable. Count on them to get you through the rain, slow, mud, and muck until the end of your days. They might seem a little pricey (although with our promo codes, you can save at least 15% on Hunter Boots), but they’re worth every single penny.

Cute Rain Boots

There are too many fun, colorful rain boots out there for you to not own any. The most fun, trendy boots are usually the less expensive ones due to their fast fashion approach to designs. Not all of them are poorly made, though, so don’t let low prices scare you away, either!

Everyone from designers to department stores are making their own stylish rain boots. There are so many incredibly creative styles

Cozy Rain Boots

Sometimes, you just need a pair of boots that will not only keep you dry, but also warm and cozy. Most rain boots are basically just empty, rubber shells – not offering much in the way of comfort or warmth.

For a comfortable, water-repellent, and cozy boot, my choice is always Sorel. They’re another footwear brand that has been around for what feels like forever. Sorel has been around since the 1960s, but they won over the hearts of cold-weather rain-lovers instantly. Save money on your first pair of Sorel boots by snagging a coupon code from us. These boots will be keeping you warm in cold, rainy springtimes for decades to come.