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Keeping Your Children Safe this Halloween

As the night for Trick-or-Treating approaches, it’s time to start thinking about keeping your children safe. Times are very different then they were when I was a kid. I do remember an adult always going Trick-or-Treating with me, but the world didn’t seem so scary back then. Now that I’m a parent, the world seems so big and scary, and I constantly worry about the safety of my children.

So, today, I want to focus on tips for keeping your children safe this Halloween. I know it’s all about the candy, and that’s great, but let’s talk about ways to keep your children safe:

  • Avoid dark costumes – Make sure your child can be seen. It’s getting dark outside earlier and earlier, and if you are planning on Trick-or-Treating, you want to make sure your child can be seen by cars and passersby. If your child does have a dark costume, strategically place strips of reflective tape where it will catch the light of the cars driving by. Forestry Suppliers offers lots of neat stuff to help keep you safe, and you can get a great deal with their promo codes.


  • Avoid masks – Now, I know. Batman has to wear a mask. I have 5 boys and a husband. I understand these things. Sometimes, there just has to be a mask. But, when you’re wearing a mask, it instantly becomes much more difficult to see. Your peripheral vision is gone. It’s hard to look in any direction. Suddenly, you find yourself tripping over every crack in the sidewalk. So, while masks may look cool, consider a costume that doesn’t need a mask for your trick or treating adventure.
  • Carry flashlights – Many times, neighborhoods will do their Trick-or-Treating during the day while the sun is still out, but sometimes, people prefer to do their Trick-or-Treating at night. If that is the case in your neighborhood, make sure everyone has their own flashlight to carry, especially if there aren’t a lot of streetlights in your area. There are lots of places you can get flashlights, but check out these promo codes from Sportsmans Warehouse and start there.


  • Stick together – If you are taking your child Trick-or-Treating, hold their hand or stay right with them. If they are a little older and think that’s “not cool,” hang back a little bit, so that it doesn’t look like you are with them, but you can get to them quickly if you need to.
  • Discuss safety rules before you go – Before you walk out the door to go Trick-or-Treating, set rules and discuss them with your child so they understand what is expected of them. Yes, you want it to be fun, but they need to know how to stay safe.
  • Have fun – some of my favorite memories stem from Trick-or-Treating with my Daddy. He’s been gone quite a few years now, but those memories are still there. Make your time with your children something they’ll never want to forget and have a great time doing it.

Happy Halloween, friends! Stay safe and have lots of fun this Halloween!