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Kettlenetics Coupon, Save $29.95 off Kettlenetics Slim and Tone System

Kettlenetics Coupon and Kettlenetics Exclusive Offer:
Exclusive Introductory Offer! Save $29.95 off Kettlenetics Slim and Tone System – Now only 2 payments of $29.95, Plus $60 in Bonus Products! Start today. When you order you will automatically receive the $29.95 discount as the coupon code will automatically be applied.
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What is Kettlenetics Slim and Tone System:
The kettlenetics Slim & Tone program is a revolutionary new three dimensional weight swinging workout that has all the fat-burning, muscle -shaping benefits of resistance training, but without the awkward, heavy weights of traditional weight lifting.
Kettlenetics is a totally unique, dance-inspired exercise program that swings, slims and sculpts your entire body strong and slender, with easy, flowing moves set to incredible, upbeat music, for fast and fun, total body slimming!
The kettlenetics movements are based on the movements that dancers use to give them the long lean look, yet the kettlenetics movements only take a few minutes to learn and are not intricate so you don’t have to worry about getting behind on the DVD’s.

What You Get:
4lb kBell
KB Elements, DVD Running Time Approx: 30 minutes
Flow Motion Basics, DVD Running Time Approx: 20 minutes
Cardio Balanced, DVD Running Time Approx: 40 minutes
KB Target Toning, DVD Running Time Approx: 50 minutes
Strength & Serenity plus CardioFit Ballet BONUS, DVD Running Time Approx: 67 minutes

Kettlenetics Coupon, Kettlenetics promo code

• Two Soft Protective Wrist Bands BONUS
• Weight Loss Success Guide Book
• Learn The Moves Wall Chart BONUS
• 30 Day VIP access to kettlenetics Slim&Tone Web Club (web club terms & conditions apply)
• On-the-Go Guide for Healthy Eating

Get all this with the all new kettlenetics Slim&Tone™ System including the world’s only 4lb kBell and video workout library. Take advantage of our exclusive introductory price and receive bonuses worth $60. Michelle is ready to help you reach your goals with kettlenetics Slim&Tone™!

If you would like to learn more please visit Kettlenetics or if you are ready to order.

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