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Keurig Coffee Makers

One small kitchen appliance that has become very popular is the Keurig coffee maker. While some manufacturers do produce coffee makers that can brew a single cup of coffee at a time, Keurig has taken a completely different turn. They make what is known in the industry as a pod coffee maker.

Keurig Coffee Makers

The Keurig Coffee Makers do not use regular, ground coffee. They take specifically measured, specially designed portions called K-Cups. These cups, or pods, come in every flavor imaginable as well as tea and hot chocolate.

The most popular Keurig Coffee Makers are the B130 DeskPro, the B145 OfficePro and the Keurig Classic. The B130 is a smaller, more lightweight machine that also makes iced beverages. The B145 OfficePro is a larger, sturdier unit that is often purchased for offices where it will be used frequently. It also makes iced drinks and allows the user to choose between three different sizes which determine the strength of the drink. The Classic is the basic, single cup brewer for home use.

Users of all three machines report that they are efficient and make the process of brewing coffee easier as well as less messy. When you’re done brewing your cup, you just toss the coffee pod in the trash.

There are several different Keurig Coffee Makers to choose from, and all are available online through, and These internet retailers also carry the K-Cups, often at discount prices.
These K-Cups are really what separate the Keurig from its competitors. Since the Green Mountain Coffee Roasters purchased Keurig in 2009, they’ve lent their amazing coffee to the K-Cup production.

This gives Keurig the leg up as far as quality and diversity of the product. The flavors range from a full bodied Columbian blend to a lighter, lower caffeine roast that many people love. The K-Cups also come in apple cider as well as lemonade.

Keurig also produces a special K-Cup called My-K Cup which is reusable and allows for the use of any ground coffee. This makes the Keurig Coffee Makers versatile and more affordable in the long run. Many people who are environmentally conscious applauded the company for making this reusable cup for their machines.

Another thing that makes Keurig Coffee Makers so praise-worthy is their durability. One machine can last an average family for a decade or longer and the products are backed by a company guarantee that covers parts and repairs for most of their machines.

If you are looking for a fast, simple and easy to use single-cup coffee maker, then consider Keurig. The appliances and the K-Cups are all available online through many retailers, including, and