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Labor Day Sale on Wedding Essentials

Best news in the world: Etsy is currently hosting its very first Labor Day Sale!

There are so many handcrafted items to crush on across so many categories. But, alas, there are only 24 shopping hours in a day, so today we’re going to hone in on one area in particular: wedding gear.

We love Etsy’s wedding items because they make your big day so much more personal. You won’t have the same jewelry or cake topper as every other bride when you shop from internet-based artisans.

One thing to keep in mind with this sale is that not everything is on sale. The Labor Day Sale only applies to certain items, so make sure you check to see if there’s a discount before you fall in love with any one item!

Rustic Cake Topper

Simple and personalized, this cake topper is such a cute alternative to your generic bride and groom cake topper. While it’s geared towards those having a “rustic” wedding, we think it’s pretty darn versatile and can be used across a number of themes.

Wedding Hanger

If you’re going to get a fancy wedding hanger that you’ll only use once yet keep forever, you might as well do it right. These wedding hangers are available in a number of different types of woods, and you can pick the color of your bow, too. Personalize it with your name and you’re ready to go—with only 1-3 days before it ships!

Grecian Bridal Headpiece

Take your wedding do to the next level with this Grecian bridal headpiece. If you don’t wear the veil all night, this will add that something extra to your hair style throughout the party. The stones are glass, so the price is affordable.

Will You Be Our Flower Girl Puzzle

We think this is an absolutely adorable way to ask your flower girl to precede you in your journey down the aisle. She’ll be wondering what the puzzle is, and when it’s done, she’ll be excited to say, “Yes!” Plus, it makes a nice memento for her to keep for years to come.

Fairy Light Centerpieces

Fairy light centerpieces are amazing, but can be a bit of a logistical headscratcher. Where do you plug them in? How do you find a string short enough to make it NOT look like you shoved a bunch of wires in a jar?

This product solves those problems with shorter wires and battery packs. No outlet required.

Trust Me You Can Dance Sign

Aunt Betty doesn’t dance—until she has some liquor in her. Everyone has an Aunt Betty (or two) in their family. Embrace and celebrate it with this hilarious sign for your bar.

In Lieu of Favors Sign

Given everything that’s happening in the world, there’s no shortage of causes that need funding. From legal groups that stand in defense of Civil Rights to relief aid for Hurricane Harvey, there’s sure to be a cause that is meaningful to you and your guests. We like the idea of doing this instead of passing out some cheap candles.