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Last Minute Family Getaways

Great Wolf Lodge

The first thing you should know is if that even if you can plan a last minute trip this week or next, you are going to pay a premium for mid April at this giant built-for-fun water park and vacay destination. Bu still, with several locations, this can be a really fun, fast getaway. You can choose a standard family room, or a themed room complete with bunk beds and fun surprises for the kids. When you book online, you can upgrade with add-ons, like a mani/pedi with mom, story time package, and more, especially if you use a code to book!

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Your Nearest City

Baltimore? Boston? Houston? Seems like no-brainer, but we often neglect what is right under our noses! Find your nearest city and drive there. Visit their tourism website and book a tour and cheap-ish motel (what’s one night?). See what your home state has to offer. You will probably be surprised by how much tourism every city actually has. For example, when we visit the Baltimore city site, we found theater tickets, trolley tours, heritage tours, aquarium discounts, baseball tickets and more. Sometimes, you just need to get out of the house. Check out the Hyattfor something higher end at a great price.

A Family Resort 

Most places have “family style” resorts, a la Dirty Dancing. Google “family resort + your city” to find a cool destination near you. These are usually built for short getaways and have plenty to do on the premises, which means you don’t have to plan. Plus, they tend not to be huge hotel chains and are more willing to offer last minute deals. For example, check out Camelback Resort in Tannersville, PA (aka the Poconos). They boast an indoor waterpark and other adventures, like ziplining, mountain climbing, bungee jumping and more. Camelback is always offering a deal for booking early and seasonal activities throughout the year!

Another option is the Crystal Springs Resort in Hamburg, NJ. This is for the family who is a bit more low key. Awesome swimming pools, beautiful golf courses and luxury spa experiences mean that this resort has something for everyone.

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Theme Park

Plan a trip around a theme park in your area. Check out a Six Flags, or more localized park, like Magic Springs in Arkansas. Most parks are opening now and are offering discounted rates while the weather warms up. Or, buy your season passes now and make the most out of it. Plus, you can get discounts for multiple days at a time.

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