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Last Minute Family Outings Before School Starts Again

It’s that time of year again where school is right around the corner. Children everywhere will be moping that their summer is over, while parents are happy their kids can get back to business. Okay, so maybe it won’t be quite that dramatic. But, all we can say is that there’s only a little time left for families to really spend together before everything gets hectic once again. Before the kids go back to school, here are some family outings you should consider doing to make the most of the holiday.
A Road Trip to the Aquarium

Who doesn’t love the aquarium? Seriously, as a parent, it’s nice to have kids interested in this, so you have an excuse to go! Aquariums can be found all over North America, but Ripley’s Aquarium are one of a kind. There are three locations; Tennessee, South Carolina, and Toronto. Choose the one closest to you and make a road trip out of it, or visit the other Ripley’s parks. It’ll be a great way to end the summer!

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A New York City Tour

A trip to New York city is easy for those living in the surrounding areas, and not too hard of a trip for those who live elsewhere. New York City has so much to offer to families looking for some fun before school starts back up again. CitySights NY has tons of great deals on unforgettable NYC experiences. Choose from a sightseeing bus tour, a Broadway show, a day at the museums, or a boat ride to the Statue of Liberty!

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A Day of Exploration at Legoland

Kids will need to start getting that noggin working again before school begins. To do this in a way that’s fun for the whole family, head to Legoland. Kids of all ages will love all the activities here. LEGOLAND Discovery Center Chicago can be found in various locations across the world, so choose the one that’s the most convenient for your family. The kids will be eternally grateful to your kindness!

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A VIP Weekend at a Hotel

Who says you actually need to “go anywhere” to have fun? A weekend of room-service, swimming at the pool, and jumping on the beds is all a family really needs before vacation is over. Book a discounted stay at Embassy Suites, a Hyatt, or one of the awesome Hard Rock Hotels for a VIP-family weekend!

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Visit a New City

We’re willing to bet that if you’re a traveling family, there are probably a few cities you want to see but haven’t had the time. Take advantage of the last weeks of summer and book a bus at GoToBus. Find the cheapest route from your house to somewhere new. Look up what there is to do in that city, and just spend some time exploring with your family. It will give the kids something interesting to write about on the first day of school, and it will give you and your spouse a last-minute adventure.

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An All-Inclusive Getaway

Depending on your budget, leaving your country might not always be an option, especially when you’re going to need to buy schools supplies soon. However, if you want the summer to go out with a bang, then Groupon has a lot of incredible, all-inclusive getaways to choose from. If you want to stay state-side, then check out the Kid-Friendly Oceanfront Resort in Myrtle Beach. If you want to go far, there are options on nearly every continent.

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Things are about to get pretty busy soon. Take advantage of the time you have left this summer. Visit a new place with your family or take a day trip to somewhere nearby. Whatever you do, be sure to check out the deals you can get, first!