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Last Minute Gifts: Funko Vinyl Figures

With just a few days left until the big day, you may be scrambling for last-minute gift ideas. If you want to get something they’re sure to love, we recommend checking out Funko POP! vinyl figurines. No matter what your giftee is into, there are so many different series and characters you’re sure to find something they’ll love.

You can find them on Amazon, though to get them in time you’ll have to pay an arm and a leg for shipping at this point. You can also check out places like GameStop or your local music/video game resale store to pick one up at the last minute.

Harry Potter Funko Vinyl Figure


Great for: Harry Potter fans

Series: Funko POP Rides

What’s included: Harry Potter figure in muggle dress and Hogwarts Express engine

Batman Funko Vinyl Figure


Great for: DC Comics fans

Series: Funko POP Heroes

What’s included: Batman only

Darth Vader Funko Vinyl Figure


Great for: Star Wars fans

Series: Funko POP Star Wars

What’s included: Darth Vader only

Negan Funko Vinyl Figure


Great for: Walking Dead fans

Series: Funko POP Television

What’s included: Negan only

Daenerys Funko Vinyl Figure


Great for: Game of Thrones fans

Series: Funko POP Rides

What’s included: Daenerys and her dragon, Drogon.

Sailor Moon Funko Vinyl Figure


Great for: Sailor Moon or anime fans in general

Series: Funko POP Anime

What’s included: Sabrina in full Sailor Moon gear and her cat, Luna.

Elsa Funko Vinyl Figure


Great for: Frozen fans

Series: Funko POP Disney

What’s included: Elsa in post-coronation dress

Ariel Funko Vinyl Figure


Great for: Fans of The Little Mermaid

Series: Funko POP Disney (Series 3)

What’s included: Ariel only

Monty Python Black Knight Funko Vinyl Figure


Great for: Monty Python fans

Series: Funko POP Monty Python and the Holy Grail

What’s included: The Black Knight…and his arms. It is only a flesh wound, after all.

Jareth Funko Vinyl Figure


Great for: Labyrinth fans and/or David Bowie fans

Series: Funko POP Movies

What’s included: Jareth/David Bowie only

The Dude Funko Vinyl Figure


Great for: Fans of The Big Lebowski

Series: Funko POP Movies

What’s included: The Dude only

Purple Haze Funko Vinyl Figure


Great for: Jimi Hendrix fans

Series: Funko POP Rocks

What’s included: Jimi Hendrix only

Breakfast at Tiffany’s Funko Vinyl Figure


Great for: Audrey Hepburn fans

Series: Funko POP Movies

What’s included: Audrey Hepburn dressed as Holly Golightly in her iconic pose

Willy Wonka Funko Vinyl Figure


Great for: Willy Wonka fans, Gene Wilder fans and Roald Dahl fans

Series: Funko POP Movies

What’s included: The Gene Wilder version of Willy Wonka

Daredevil Funko Vinyl Figure


Great for: Marvel Comics fans—or anyone who’s been binge watching Netflix original series as of late

Series: Funko POP Marvel

What’s included: Daredevil only

Jason Voorhees Funko Vinyl Figure


Great for: Horror fans

Series: Funko POP Movies

What’s included: Jason only

Lorelai Funko Vinyl Figure


Great for: Gilmore Girls fans

Series: Funko POP Television

What’s included: Lorelai only

Slash Funko Vinyl Figure


Great for: Fans of Guns’N’Roses

Series: Funko POP Rock

What’s included: Slash only