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Launch the New Season by Throwing a Spring Celebration Party

What better way to usher in the longer daylight hours and warmer temperatures of springtime than with a party? Sure, Easter is around the corner, and even closer is St. Patrick’s Day, but squeezing a spring celebration in there would be an extra reason to see all of your favorite people!

First thing’s first: the setting. If you have a backyard or garden area – use it. Springtime and nature are BFFs, so bring your party outside! Fresh air and blooming flowers will provide the perfect setting for your spring event.

Springtime Garden Party

Spring Party Food Ideas

Next, think about what you’ll want to serve! You can’t get away with having a party if there’s no food, so think creatively about what kind of nibbles you want to provide.

Keeping with a theme is a good way to get ideas when it comes to food. It’s springtime, so maybe include lots of greenery. Beautiful salads, soups, and cru d’etat are excellent ways to showcase the season.

Hello Fresh Spring Meal


If you’re throwing a dinner party and are overwhelmed with the idea of preparing a full meal, I highly suggest trying a meal-prep service. These businesses, like Hello, Fresh!, will send you a big box full of the exact ingredients you need in the exact amounts you need them. It’s a fool-proof way to create a well-designed meal for your whole party. Plus, with our Hello, Fresh! coupons, you can save $40-$60 on your first order!

Hello Fresh Box


Springtime Party Decorations

Now, for the decor – this part is fun. Springtime is one of the most beautiful times of the year, so gleaning inspiration from the season is easy. Blooming flowers remind people of the renewal of spring, crystal clear glass is reminiscent of the melting snow of winter, and bright colors celebrate the warmer temperatures! And that’s just the beginning….

Springtime Table Setting Tablescape

Make your space into a garden paradise! Pick up flowers from a florist, if you want perfectly arranged bouquets of flowers, but those can get expensive. From You Flowers has great coupons for large bundles of flowers, and that can save you tons of money when setting up your garden party.

The true springtime spirit is in potted plants and hand-planted flowers. Head to your local hardware store and pick up some beautiful plants. Then, work them into your scene however you feel is best.

Lavender Flower Pots Table Setting

Home Depot has a wide variety of plants and flowers for you to choose from, and they even have creative options! Sort through their potted plants, flowers, and arrangements and then use a Home Depot coupon to save up to 40% off on your party decorations!

Look for inspiration in Pinterest and Tumblr. People have done beautiful things with their party locations and decorations. You’ll surely find something that pleases your eye and fits your space.

If you don’t have a garden, don’t worry! We just published a list of ways to garden when you don’t have a back yard. Create a garden setting in your own home, then throw a springtime party to celebrate it!