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Legally Easy with Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer offers legal services for everybody- from individuals to small business owners, as well as lawyers.

For people seeking legal services or finding a lawyer:

Rocket Lawyer helps businesses and individuals who need legal assistance to take proactive approach to legal wellness. With Personalized Legal Health Score of 1 to 100 that summarizes your current legal wellness, Rocket Lawyer helps you understand your legal situation and offers suggestions of best practices for optimal legal health. You can access to professional legal reviews from over 100,000 Attorneys across 50 States, or directly work with thousands of licensed lawyers near you.

For attorneys who want to expand their clienteles:

Rocket Lawyer is also a place for individual attorney or Law Company to acquire potential clients. Just upload your online profile freely; you’re on your way of getting the clients you want online and building your reputation. Rocket Lawyer develops a solution called: Web Law Office. Lawyers using Web Law Office receive premium client referrals plus a whole suite of practice management tools: access to legal forms, easy timekeeping and billing, simple document management, e-Signature services, and more.

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