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Lenovo Story and Review


Laptops, desktops, servers, cloud computing, workstations, accessories, you name it; this is one of the most popular names in computing.

Many people have no idea that this company has been around for over two decades. The name Lenovo came into existence as recent as 2004 but the company existed since 1984. It was the year of the Rat, a guard house and a measly 25,000 RMB which was under US$11,000 when Legend Holdings came into existence. The company was later incorporated in Hong Kong then later went on to become the number one PC company in China.

Do you remember IBM? Do you know what happened to IBM? Well don’t worry, IBM is still around just under a different name as Lenovo also acquired that company in 2005.

Standing tall Lenovo is now in the number two spot fro leading PC vendors, I can only guess who’s number one. Number two ain’t so bad considering they are a twenty one billion dollar company with offices in over 60 countries and serves over 160 countries world wise. Talking about service, where would the company be without the 26,000+ employees they have.

Here are some Lenovo facts that might interest you as stated on their website:

  • Number one PC company in China and now in Japan.
  • Number one PC company in the world for large business and the public sector.
  • Fastest growing major consumer PC brand on the planet in the past year.
  • Makers of fastest booting notebook in the world the ThinkPad. Have sold 60 million in just 18 years.
  • They make a smart phone in China which see over 25,000 downloads from their app store daily
  • Have launched a family of tablets targeting both the consumer and commercial markets internationally.

Considering where to buy your Lenovo?

Don’t worry you have several options:

1. Buy directly from Lenovo – Buying online from the mother store is easy. You can use discount coupons to shop as well. All you have to do is order your product and choose your shipping. They offer a UPS standard which takes 3-5 working days and a two day business shipping which is guaranteed to arrive before 5:00PM on the second day after shipping.
2. Purchase from a Retailer – A retailer is one who buys in very large quantities from the manufacturer and sells to either smaller entities or end users. Some online retailers include Best Buy,, and many more.
3. From a reseller near you – a reseller is a smaller business that purchases and supplies to end users or small businesses. Lenovo products can be found in over 160 countries so a Lenovo reseller is guaranteed to be near you. For more details check their shopping help section on their website.

If you are unhappy with your Lenovo product you can return for a full refund if returned in the original package and condition. All returns must be made within 21 days of invoicing.
When you purchase you new Lenovo product just log into their website and register it. This will guarantee your warranty on parts, service and support.

I decided to check CNET to see their rating on the Lenovo ThinkPad60. The price has me really thinking that my next laptop should be a ThinkPad60 because of all the laptops now o the market the price is pretty comfortable. An editor’s rating of 4.5 stars makes this an excellent buy as well. Go get your Lenovo, what are you waiting for?