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Let Us Make Our World Green

Most of us cannot stand watching our environment die slow death but we fail to determine what we can do. If facts are to be believed then most of the trash that goes waste comes from our household. Therefore for all those Green people who want to help their environment we have enlisted some small steps that would go big way in reducing the trash.

make our world green

1. Say NO to bottled Water

It is time we get rid of the plastic bottles that have been piling up in our waste bags and switch to reusable bottles that are more environmental friendly. These bottles are not only cheap but the tap water supplied by municipal co-operation is much safer than bottled water.

2. Don’t let the Wine bottle go waste

Although it is healthy to have a glass of wine everyday but the same habit leads to mountain of wine bottles that usually get dumped in trash. A careful scrutiny and little effort can turn them into decorative piece or a beautiful recycled product.

3. Reusable Bags

Carrying reusable bag when we go shopping is a smart move as it reduces dependence on plastic bags that are usually dumped in trash later. Also these plastic bags are even as strong as reusable bags.

4. Smart Cleaner

Why waste money in buying expensive cleaner and later deal with their plastic bottles when the same result can be achieved with vinegar and Baking soda (neither of which is going to harm the environment and not to forget they come very cheap).

5. Plan Take Out

Next time when you go for takeout avoid using plastic utensils and napkins which are difficult to dispose of, instead use your own utensils which can be washed in dishwasher.

6. Time to say goodbye to Phone Directories

When everyone is going digital it is time you also switch to digital phone books that take no space and have everything up-to-date.

7. Recycle your phone and gadgets

Do you know that your old damaged phone and gadgets can also fetch you money.  Various recycle sites like Gazelle pay its customers for these rusted old gadgets and phones.

8. Reuse Paper

Next time when you are about to throw away those wasted printed papers…think again.
These papers can be used for crafting and coloring by kids. You can also cut them into squares and use as memos.

9. Use Stink-Stopping Trash bags

None of us likes a smelly kitchen and that is why most of us tend to dispose off the trash even when they aren’t full. This leads to unnecessary increase in trash bags. However using stink-stopping trash bags we can control the bad smell and leave our kitchen smelling like fresh lemons and vanillas.

10. Heating and Cooling

Be it the sunny summers or the chilly winters we all tend to go overboard with coolers and heaters. But a little care can help us survive and also reduce our utility bill by ten percent. During summers opening windows at night and early morning to let the cool breeze sweep in can help control temp. During winter turning the thermostat for eight hours or so can help cut back on a lot of electricity.

After enlisting these ten simple yet effective steps we are sure u can also say MY GREEN HOME…MY CLEAN HOME!