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Let Your Pet Enjoy Summer Just as Much as You!

pet summer

For many families, summer is the best time of year. You get to take off of work, school, and spend time outside, doing things you enjoy with loved ones. But, when we’re talking about family, let’s not forget the most important member; the beloved pet. Pets love coming on adventures, doing fun things, eating good, and getting pampered just like their human counterparts do.

So, use these deals to let your pet enjoy summer just as much as you!

pet summer

Grooming, Treats, and Tick Prevention

Bringing your pet to Petco is enough of a trip in itself. But, what this store has to offer is pretty much a goldmine for your pet. First of all, make sure your dog gets all pampered with 55% off grooming and bathing. When they’re feeling all fresh and clean, score them some treats and toys with more discounts. Also, don’t forget to get your pet tick prevention, with $25 off Bayer’s prevention medicine.

pet summer

Doggie Daycamp

If your dog is in need of a playdate, then summer is the perfect time to do it! Bring your dog to Doggie Daycamp with 50% off a play session at Petsmart. Drop your dog off for the day, let them socialize and play.

pet summer


All the pet adventures in summertime means you have to do more to keep your pet safe. Luckily, there are many solutions out there to keep your pet as safe as possible. And, that technology doesn’t have to cost a lot. Petsafe is currently having up to 65% off clearance on their products.

pet summer

Pet-friendly Hotels

Although many pet stores offer great discounts on pet hotels, summertime gives you many opportunities to bring your pet with you on vacation. Take a look at and add the filter “pet-friendly” and see all the affordable options that come up. And, just so you know, there’s 10% off select hotels for the 4th of July!

pet summer

National Parks

If you plan on going camping and possibly visiting national parks to do so, you can’t forget about your dog! Dogs love the outdoors as much (if not, more) than we do, and your pet deserves to go camping with you. Check out the National Parks Depot to get gear for your pet at up to 70% off their hot summer savings. And, make sure you take a look at which parks allow pets before you go!

Don’t leave your pet behind on all the summer fun! Just use these deals to include your pet in everything you do, and give him or her a little extra special treatment in the meantime!