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Looking For Christmas Dresses For Kids? Here Are Top Three Picks For Girls And Boy

Each year we eagerly wait for Christmas. We wait for stores to open up for the seasonal sale of dresses, and as always find ourselves amazed by Christmas dresses for kids. What extraordinarily pretty dresses! The colors, styles, fabrics and designs never fail to astonish us. The kidswear section is surely a treat for your senses. So this year while shopping we made sure to enlist all the dresses that are nothing less than the must – have for a kid’s wardrobe for Christmas.

  • Christmas Dresses for Girls

princess dresses

1. Princess Forever – Every girl is dreaming of becoming a princess, being the foreground of public attention. Princess Forever is what will first come to everyone’s mind when you will see your daughter in this golden double flounce wire hem dress. You can find the dress of three sizes available for $41.75 at Costume Craze.

2. Angel White – This Christmas when the world is turning red let your daughter become ‘An Angel in White’ in this beautiful white pleated dress. Design that consists of pleated rosette at the shoulder with pleated skirt to give a crossover bodice look, this dress is sure to make people gasp. Available at Amazon $25. This buy is an evergreen pick and your daughter can wear it to parties anytime.

3. Christmas Red – A Christmas Dress Wardrobe would be incomplete without a Red Dress and nothing would suit more than this gorgeous dress from Cassie’s Closet Boutique. This is one of those dresses that needs no description and would become your instant favorite as soon as you would lay your eyes on it. Comprising of a taffeta top and taffeta skirt (pleated) with a rose hand rolled waistband that can be zipped from back it is priced at $140.

  • Christmas Boyswear:

1. When the world of fashion is no longer the same for girls how can the boys be left behind. So keeping up with the new trend Walmart offers a 4-piece set for your son. The set comprises of 4 button center front vest, a collared neck- long sleeves shirt and an elastic waistband pant. Although a tie is also included in the set, your son is bound to shine without it even in this dark charcoal dress. Priced at USD19.97 one can find their desired size by visiting the store.

2. Alex AndAlexa offers FENDI Blue Oxford Shirt for your boy for a classy Christmas party. This shirt is sure to impress the onlookers and most mums are going to ask you about the deal. This shirt is made of 100% cotton and very comfortable. Team it with blue denims or trousers as per your convenience.

Long Sleeve Button Downshirt

3. Long Sleeve Button Downshirt is a great pick at ThredUp. This cool shirt can be teamed with denims or formal trousers. The hood further adds to the style quotient of the kid. This is a sure pick this time as it is available only for $5.49.

Although we can go on and on and list down many more different dresses available but we have tried to enlist the best that we can find for both boys and girls and hope that the selection would appeal to you.

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