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E-cigarette Review and Luci Coupon Codes

I believe most smokers, especially female smoking addicts, hate the foul breath and yellowish teeth that cigarettes bring.

Plus, everybody knows that smoking’s a potential killer to life. Though I’m not a smoker. I can sense the lung, throat, as well as physical appearance of pains many smokers have undergone and will probably suffer. Because, my dad is a heavy smoker. I saw his pains many, many times. This hobby not only brings him constant cough and yellow nails, but also bring harmful, suffocating, smoky air to the family, especially my dear mom, who indirectly inhales an enormous amount of smokes every day.

To improve dad’s health and the shared environment in our rooms, my dad quit smoking several times before. Every time, he succeeded, but later, gradually, he lighted his magic, enchanting cigarettes once again.

I don’t think it’s wise to advise my dad to quit again. As every time’s quitting means a new restart – a much heavier in smoking. What I’m worried is his health. So only one thing I can do – not tell him to quit, instead encourage him to buy, but only shop for some good-quality tobaccos.

Very excited when I heard of the device called e-cigarette, which is claimed to be tar-free, low nicotine levels. Look at its construction pictured below.


After searching much info on electronic cigarette, I learned some brands and decided to choose Luci™, based on its many good reviews and product quality.

Dad says it’s fantastic and is amazed at modern technology. The Luci is tasty with different flavors, and is smooth like real common cigarettes – not only its appearance but the smoking feeling.

What’s more pleasant, the e-tobacco leaves a pleasant aroma that is quickly odorless upon dispersal, so my family’s environment becomes clearer and cleaner than before.


My dad chose Luci Starter Kit, this package consists of the following items:

* 2 Extended Life Batteries
* 1 Home Charging Kit
* 1 Atomizer
* 5 Flavored Cartridges

As to the price of Luci cigarette, it looks very dear at first glance, yet it’s significantly low, as a kit can use for a long time.

Furthermore, I hunt for some applicable e-cigarette coupons before I buy. Really saves a lot. I used this Luci code: X5td3dU7, it entitles to get 10% off a carton of cartridges with any Starter Kit purchase!

If you prefer to buy other packages like Complete Starter Kit, the code A6g3FA7o enable you to get 5% off any Complete Starter Kit. Note the two codes both expire on 2009/10/31.

So check more newly detailed Luci coupon codes, click to find a best suitable Luci code for you.