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Make a Black Friday Shopping Strategy

Black Friday is just around the corner, and if you want to take advantage of all the shopping bargains, you’ll need an effective shopping strategy. Many stores offer some great bargains on the number one shopping day of the year, but supplies are often limited. You’ll usually find yourself competing with thousands of other bargain-hunters, so you’ll need a plan to get the jump on the items you want.

A few days before Black Friday, search all the sales papers. Write down the items you wish to purchase and list the stores that are offering them at discount prices. Once you have all the items listed, place them in order of preference. In other words, the item you want the most should be at the top of the list. Cut out the ads and search for coupons. Staple the associated coupons to the ads and put the ads in the right order.

Black Friday Shopping Sales

Instead of ordering the ads and products by preference, you might want to order them in relation to when certain stores open, instead. This shopping strategy works well when you have a lot of items on your list. For example, if you want a television from Kmart and a leather jacket from T.J. Maxx, and Kmart opens earlier, you can hit Kmart first and still be one of the first in line at T. J. Maxx.

If much of your shopping takes place in the same mall, you might want to use a map or layout of the stores. You can often find these online, on the mall’s website. Just print out a copy and number the stores in the order in which you wish to take advantage of their bargains. If you’re going to be doing some heavy duty shopping, you might want to take along a helper. A husband or male friend works well for this purpose. He can make frequent trips to the car to load your packages and then come back for more.

Big shopping quests can be exhausting, so you’ll need plenty of energy. No matter what time your bargain marathon will begin, you’ll need to get at least seven or eight hours of sleep beforehand. Also, eating a breakfast that contains adequate protein will keep you full for hours, while including some carbs will keep you energized. Toss a couple of protein bars and energy drinks in your handbag for backup, too. If you wrap the drinks in a couple of layers of foil, they’ll stay cold for a longer period.

Hopefully, you’ve arranged for a babysitter in advance. Dragging kids along on shopping adventures will only slow you down, and the kids won’t be happy, either. Besides, you won’t want the kids to see what they’re getting for Christmas. Perhaps you can “swap out” with a friend who has children. You and she can take turns watching all the kids while the other one shops.