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Make this a Thanksgiving to Remember

Thanksgiving is a special time of year to come together with family and friends and to give thanks for the blessings in our lives. Often times, Thanksgiving comes and goes and it’s seen as just a day to get together and eat good food. You can certainly just worry about the food on Thanksgiving, but you can also take the time to really make the holiday special, and one to remember. Even if you’re not the host of Thanksgiving dinner, you can still plan to help the host and add some special touches to the big day.
Start with a fun greeting. E-cards can be the perfect way to issue an invitation to Thanksgiving dinner. Why not plan a progressive dinner where you enjoy appetizers at one family member’s house, and then move on to another person’s house for the main course, and so on for dessert. Get all of the hosts together to come up with a fun invitation to send out to the rest of the guests. JibJab cards are clever and fun, and can be a lighthearted way to issue a fun invitation to dinner. You can get 3 months free membership and enjoy the fun of E-cards well into the new year!


Set the scene with beautiful table centerpieces for your festive dinner. Everyone loves the look of fresh cut flowers, no matter what time of year it is. Fresh flowers can brighten up a rather dreary season. They’re perfect to add for a pop of color to any table in your home, or to offer as a hostess gift if you’re enjoying dinner at someone else’s house. You can save up to 50% on beautiful arrangements from It’s also a lovely idea to send a Thanksgiving flower arrangement to loved one you might not be able to spend the holiday with. It’s a thoughtful gift that will brighten up the recipient’s day, no matter how far away they are!

Plan the perfect spread. From the appetizers to the dessert, plan to keep it light and simple, yet include lots of holiday favorites. Serve up classic comfort foods like casseroles. Casseroles can be made in advance, and also freeze well if you have leftovers. Weigh the turkey against the ham. What do the majority of your family members like better? It may be cheaper to go with a ham if no one really likes turkey. Ham can also be used in lots of other recipes if you have a lot of it leftover. It’s perfect to eat any time of the day, and it’s great to pick at- hot or cold.


Plan some holiday games. Games don’t have to just be for kids. You can set up games for the grown ups to enjoy, too. Classics like Jenga and Trivial Pursuit can be a lot of fun for big crowds. You can also set up a card table for anyone who likes to play a few hands of Hearts or other classic card games. Thanksgiving trivia games can easily be created, if you take the time to do a little research online. For the kids, come up with your own Thanksgiving themed bingo game that’s easy and fun for all to play. Have games ready to go in between dinner and dessert, and don’t forget the prizes!