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Make This the Year That You Print Your Photos

The digital age is an amazing thing. It allows us to access more information than ever before. It allows us to store more information than ever before. It allows us to capture life’s little moments with the click of a button.

But there are a lot of little moments in life. So many, in fact, that you may not have the time to sort through them all. Or print out those pictures you’ve been meaning to send to grandma since your kid was two years old.

Make this the year you get all of your digital photos and videos organized. There are tools out there to help you do it; you just have to actually use them!

Get Your Photos Organized


A great way to organize your photos is to set up folders for the year, and then label each photo according to month and day, making sure to put a “0” in front of single digit months. For example, July would be “07”. This helps you keep things sequenced properly when you get to the double digit months of October, November and December.

Then, add a brief description. When you open the folder from 2016, you might find a file name that looks like this:

It’s a long process, but one that will benefit you for years to come.

You’ll also want to make sure to back up all of your hard work and memories. You can store images in the cloud or get an external hard drive—preferably with at least a terabyte of storage space. Pictures and video files are huge.

If you go the hard drive route, we recommend getting two: one to keep at your house and one to keep with a family member or friend in case your property (and hard drive) sustain physical damages. You can find affordable external hard drives at Tomtop. Be sure to change hard drives periodically as their storage capabilities do not last for an eternity.

Print Your Photos


Ordering photos can be such a pain—especially if you’re backlogged. We recommend finding a solution that lets you upload easily from an app or your preferred device. For instance, Square Snaps allows you to upload pictures for printing directly from your Instagram profile. You’re saving you best moments there anyways, so you won’t have to sift through a huge amount of pics to find the ones that are actually worth printing.

You can also upload from your computer or mobile device, though. This is convenient as a lot of us store our photos not on our desktop computers, but on our phones or iPads. This way you don’t have to transfer photos twice before getting to a point where you can actually print them.

We also like Square Snaps as a solution because they print in the square, old-school polaroid style. Image quality is phenomenal, but it gives your pictures a unique nostalgia from back in the day when we couldn’t see our images immediately after we pressed a button on our phones.