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Make Valentine’s Day for Your Pets Extra Special this Year

Our pets hold a special place in our hearts, and we always want to let them know how much we love them. This Valentine’s Day, make sure your furry friends don’t feel left out. Be sure to show them the love with these extra special ideas.

valentines day dog

  • New Toys

    -Your local pet store will have tons of Valentine’s Day themed toys and lots of other toys available. Why not show Sparky how much you love him with a new stuffed animal to carry around? Or stock up on cat-nip filled toys for Ms. Kitty. Either way, and new toy is sure to make Valentine’s Day for your pets extra special.

cat toy

  • Grooming Services

    – Does your pooch like to be pampered? Petsmart offers grooming services to make your pooch feel like the prince – or princess we know they are. With these Petsmart promo codes, you can save up to 50% off pet services, and have your pooch looking fantastic for Valentine’s Day.


  • Special Treats

    – A treat is always a great option for pets. If you really want to make your pet happy, and feel the love all year long, consider a subscription to BarkBox. With these BarkBox promo codes, you can save all kinds of money and make your dog happier for even longer! You’ll find promo codes for up to $50 off your subscription, buy one box, get one free, and more! Give a gift that lasts, and treat your special pup to something extra special this Valentine’s Day.

  • New Collar

    – Every dog – and cat – needs to look and feel special. A beautiful new collar can do just that. Head to your local pet store and pick out the prettiest color you can find. Or, if your pup watches all your favorite sport shows with you, consider a sports-themed collar.

  • Visit a Dog Park

    -Sometimes pups just want to run! Taking them to a local dog park where they can play with other pups and stretch their legs is a great way to show them how much you love them and make Valentine’s Day for pets extra special.

  • New Tank Decor

    – If your furry friend isn’t very furry and lives under water or in a tank, consider getting some new decor for their home. A new castle to swim through, a new rock to lie on – it doesn’t matter. The simplest of gestures will make your pet feel extra special.

No matter what you do, give your pets lots of extra cuddles this Valentine’s Day – if that’s possible. 😉