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Make Your Dad Feel Extra-Special this Father’s Day With These Gift Ideas

Father's Day

Father’s Day is just a few days away and as we know, dads can be hard to shop for. Typically, as long as they have their family, a few beers, and a good meal, they will never let on what they might want for an actual present. You’ve done the coffee mugs, you’ve done the golf clubs, you’ve done the fancy liquor bottles, pajama pants, and the funny toilet-readers. But, let’s be honest. These gifts are rather repetitive, and isn’t it time you show your dad how special he really is?

This Father’s Day, you can afford to get your dad something nice with one of these great gift ideas which come at an even better price!

Tickets to a Sporting Event

Since dads love spending time with their kids, change things up by inviting your dad to a sporting event through deals on Ticketmaster. Not only do they get to see their favorite team play, they get to spend time with their family. Extra points if you can get access to the lounge beforehand!

Father's Day

A Tablet

As much as dads will say they don’t need a smartphone, put a gadget in front of them and they’ll be entertained for hours. But, since you care about your dad’s eyes, you don’t want him straining anything just to play his phone games. If your dad doesn’t already have a tablet, get him one from Best Buy so he can enjoy the big screen!

A Fancy Dinner

Dads like to eat. Whether it’s a lobster or a delicious steak, wouldn’t it be nice to give dad that meal he’s been dreaming of since the last time he had it ten years ago? We think so. You should know what food your dad loves more than anything else. Take him out on a dad-date and let him eat himself to sleep.

A Massage

So, they may claim they’d feel uncomfortable getting a massage. But, have they ever actually gone for one before? This one may be for mom to take on, but massage and spa days aren’t just for women! Let your dad relax this holiday with discounts from Massage Now.

A Recliner

Does your dad love stretching out on the couch, but needs to share the space with the rest of the family? Then it’s about time dad deserves a chair of his very own. Luckily, GDFStudio is currently having 15% off sitewide as well as a clearance section. Make sure you have it ready for the Father’s Day football game!

Father's Day

A Nice Outfit (The Whole Thing)

Every Father’s Day, we seem to get our dads a collection of socks, ties, and shirts. But, they accumulate these things over time and somehow, they still can’t seem to put an outfit together by themselves. To show your dad how special he is, don’t just get him a piece of the outfit; get him the whole thing! Then, he can dress easily and without asking you, “Hey, does this match?”

An Oil Change

Is your Dad always the one getting the car fixed? Is he the one that takes it in for an oil change or a maintenance check every time, and usually covering the cost of it, too? Then give dad a break this Father’s Day by getting the oil change on his car done all by yourself. And, you can do it now with a discount from Valvoline.

Dads are extra-special members of the family, so make sure they feel extra-special this Father’s Day with these great gifts!