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Make Your House “The House” This Halloween Season

When you were a child, you probably remember that one house on the block that always looked awesome on Halloween. Whether it was because they had their entire front yard decorated, a haunted house inside, or they gave out the best candy on the block, that was “the house.”
Usually, Halloween is about the kids going trick-or-treating. But, what about the adults? They like to have fun on this holiday, too! So, if you want to make your house “the house” this October, then here are some tips to do it all at a cheap price.

Lights, Camera, Action

To set the scene at your home, you’re going to need a lot of lights. But, not just any lights. Strobe lights, orange lights to hang from the gutter, purple lights shining onto the lawn, and creepy lights lining the walkway. These lights can be purchased at a discount from Bed Bath and Beyond.

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Eerie Music

Your house can’t be “The House” unless there is some Halloween music playing in the background. Some good choices may be to play the Halloween movie theme or even the Harry Potter Halloween theme. You can buy these soundtracks and download a whole array of Halloween music from SiriusXM without making a dent in your wallet.

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Spooky Jack O’ Lanterns

No Halloween home is complete without a set of spooky Jack O’ Lanterns! You can get plastic ones at a Target or Walmart nearby, or opt to make your own (the more fun option).

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Creepy Costumes

No one will take your “haunted house” seriously unless you and the rest of the family have good costumes to go with it. Whether you choose to make DIY costumes or you want to buy something from Amazon, there are a lot of creepy ways to have fun with dressing up!

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Make Use of the Trees

Using the trees to add some decoration is a great idea. Over the branches, you can hang spider webs, brooms, toilet paper, or whatever it is that adds to the Halloween theme. The scarier, the better!

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Movies on Display

Playing a scary movie for everyone to see is an awesome way to make your house “the house” this Halloween. Get a giant white sheet and a projector, and have the movie on display as the kids come by to trick-or-treat. This can be done inside or outside your house if you have the right equipment. Get everything you need from Best Buy.

Halloween, candy, houseLots of Candy

The one thing kids always talk about the day after Halloween is how much candy they got. If you want to be the talk of the neighborhood, then you’re going to want to give out the best candy you can. Head to your local grocery store or dollar store to get a cheap deal on delicious candy.

What are you waiting for?! If you want your house to be the spot all the kids go this Halloween, then it’s time to start decorating! And, you get to do it all at an affordable price.