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Making Back to School Shopping FUN!

Most of us will have the same standard school supplies list this year, but let’s shake it up a bit! We all know that we need binders, notebooks and pencils, but what about the fun stuff?  We scoured the internet to find you the latest in back to school chic…and practical! Here’s a list of the supplies you didn’t know you needed.


Anti-theft lunch bags

These are hilarious, and they double as a good joke when April fool’s rolls around. Simply put your sandwich in a bag that appears to be moldy. If anyone takes it, they won’t take it again. Another version comes with a bug inside. Genius! Get these and other fun gifts for the lunchbox at at home at Perpetual Kid!

The “Brown Paper Bag Lunch Bag

This is great for the high school kid who is over the “lunch box” look but needs something reliable to take to school. This “Brown Bag” lunch box i pretty much indestructible but has the look of your run of the mill brown bag lunch. It retains the temperature of your lunch and has a magnet seal. Check this out at

A Word Lock

Have trouble with numbers? Maybe your child is worried about remembering his locker combination on his first day of high school! If so, check out a word lock. Instead of a number combo, you can use letter or word combos. Some of us have a much easier time remembering letter sequences than word sequences, and you can even use them as reminders, (like, Bills!).

Colorful Locker Accessories

Check out for the most colorful ways to organize and stylize. We love “Aqua Softie” line featuring pencil holders, squishy magnets, and catch-alls for your lipstick, mascara, and more! has a million ways to organize. We love this site for locker organizers, and at home desk organizers for the whole family. It’s back to basics using color coding and creativity.

A Neoprene Backpack

Make a statement with this chic, bold backpack from Topshop. And mom will love it because its durable and easy to clean. There are a ton of cool options and they’re only $60. Super durable, and we can’t say it enough–easy to clean!  Again, we love the “back to basics” theme this year with simple stuff that looks cool and simple.

A laptop case with personality

If you’re toting around your laptop, tote in style. But don’t sacrifice durability! Weather resistant is a good idea. Why shouldn’t you have a designer laptop case that showcases your personality? You use it everyday. Check out this one from Christian Siriano on clearance for only $19.99 at Best Buy. This also makes a great gift for someone going off to college, or someone who just needs a little pick me up before the start of school.

Christian Siriano - CS Laptop Sleeve - Pearl/Black - Front Zoom