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Martin + Osa, clothing make for 25- to 40-year-old

Martin + Osa, clothing make for 25- to 40-year-old

Maybe some clothes have started to feel a little too high school for you, but you are not ready to wear like your mom yet. Martin + Osa (Named after a Kansas couple who explored the world in the early 1900s) might just be your perfect store. It is complete turnaround as far as product designs and demographics go.

Martin + Osa offers a Refined Casual way of dressing that focuses on style, fit and fabric, and looks to take over the 25- to 40-year-old market of girls and guys that are ready to look their age, but without losing their sense of cool. Key categories include sweaters, denim and jackets. The designs incorporate the highest quality fabrics and materials, including cashmere, Merino wool and premium cottons. All the items convey a youth yet professional theme. To complement the Refined Casual perspective, Martin + Osa also offers a select assortment of third-party brands: Ray-Ban sunglasses, Clarks desert boots, Tretorn sneakers, Malia Mills swimwear and Havaianas sandals.

If it looks like it’ll dissolve in the rain, we don’t make it. This is one of the many slogans of Martin + Osa. When you get it you’ll find it is just the kind of clothing you are looking for comfortable and stylish clothing, designed to be valuable, irresistible, inspiring, authentic and adventurous. These are reflected in price as well, but this is the kind of clothing that you can keep a long time and that is versatile.

Martin + Osa provides full-motion video on some outfits and layer your own, a cool way to test an outfit that you assemble on a 3D form. But best…Free shipping and returns to USA and Canada. With all these features, Martin + Osa will give you a world-class online shopping experience that’s both frictionless and fun.

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