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McAfee Offers Comprehensive Tailor-made Security Solutions

1.  Introduction Of McAfee
McAfee, Inc, previously known as McAfee Security, is a renowned American global IT security software company. McAfee is Intel Corporation’s wholly-owned subsidiary and is headquartered in California, United States of America. Established in 1987, McAfee’s mission is to create proactive IT security solutions to secure the digital world of its customers. McAfee is named after its founder John McAfee, who bid adieu to the company after retirement in 1994.

McAfee possesses unrivalled Global Threat intelligence (GTI) to track and stay ahead of the emerging threats. McAfee’s comprehensive security software ensures utmost protection of customers’ PCs from latest threats. McAfee’s Global Threat Intelligence technology offers by far the most comprehensive IT threat intelligence in the business. It has visibility across all of the threat vectors like file, message, web, network etc. and an insight into the latest vulnerabilities found in the Information Technology industry.  McAfee IT security tools correlate the real-world data, which is collected from thousands and millions of sensors throughout the globe to deliver real-time and predictive IT protection. McAfee has several competitors in the IT security & antivirus industry, including the names like Avira, Kaspersky, Symantec, F-Secure and BullGuard to name a few.

In addition to individuals and households, McAfee caters to the IT security needs of small organizations, businesses and large enterprises. A range of products for each type of consumer sets McAfee apart from its competitors.

2.   McAfee Anti-virus & Anti-spyware Software and Other Products
McAfee offers complete IT protection tools for comprehensive security of the digital world of its customers. McAfee has a range of specialized products for different types of security needs and for different customers. McAfee products fall in the following categories:

  • Data Protection: McAfee data protection solutions safeguard the critical data as well as to ensure its regulatory compliance. McAfee data protection solutions are available in suites or individually. McAfee Data Loss Prevention and Endpoint Encryption solutions ensure multi-layered data protection regardless whether it is at the endpoint, in the cloud or on the network. McAfee Data Protection solutions are integrated with McAfee ePO (McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator) software. McAfee ePO ensures the unification and simplification of data security management for a range of McAfee enterprise IT security solutions. So get McAfee Data Protection solutions, prevent data loss, manage data protection and stay ahead of the emerging threats efficiently and effectively. Individual McAfee Data Protection products include McAfee Device Control, McAfee DLP Endpoint, McAfee DLP Monitor, McAfee DLP Prevent and McAfee DLP Discover.
  • Database Security: McAfee offers reliable protection solutions for critical databases of businesses from the intra-database, internal and external threats without costly hardware requirement. McAfee Database Security solutions allow and organization a complete visibility into the over landscape of its database with corresponding security position and ensures the alignment of security policy practices of an organization. Some of the popular database security products include McAfee Vulnerability Manager for Databases, McAfee Database Activity Monitoring and McAfee Virtual Patching for Databases.
  • Email & Web Security: McAfee offers the best email and web security solutions in the market.  McAfee Email & Web security solutions ensure the minimization of risk through integrated data-loss prevention, threat protection, and advanced anti-malware. Customers can confidently send and retrieve data to and from cloud and have peace of mind that their web & Email territories are secure from any foreign threats. Some of the popular products in this category include McAfee Email Protection, McAfee Web Protection and McAfee Content Security Suite.
  • Mobile Security: Given that a majority of our activities are on the go, McAfee offer high-standard protection for mobile devices. McAfee Mobile Security solutions ensure the protection of your personal information, credit cards and your money through mobile data loss prevention and emerging threats that target the current crop of tablets and Smartphones. McAfee Mobile Security solutions ensure no unauthorized access, leakage of business data and corporate data loss. The popular products in this category include McAfee Enterprise Mobility Management and McAfee VirusScan Mobile.
  • Network Security: McAfee offers the best Network Security solutions in the business, featuring the next-generation firewall security, intrusion prevention, sophisticated threat detection engines and advanced behavior analytics to ensure the perfect protection of your networks. McAfee Network Security Platform, McAfee Firewall Enterprise, McAfee Network Threat Behavior Analysis and McAfee Network Threat Response are some of the popular products in Network security category.
  • Risk & Compliance: McAfee offers quality products to ensure enterprise risk management as well as to help minimize the risk. In addition to that McAfee Risk & Compliance solutions ensure security compliance and regulate automate compliance with optimized security. Popular products include McAfee Total Protection for Compliance and McAfee Total Protection for Server.
  • McAfee TechMaster Services:  McAfee provides personalized tech support on speed dial, 24/7 for customers of any of the following services: McAfee Set-Up & Optimize, McAfee Virus Removal Service, McAfee Set-Up & Protect, McAfee Advanced Troubleshooting, McAfee Concierge Gold, and McAfee Concierge Platinum. They will quickly resolve your technical problems from the comfort of your home.

3.   Free Trials and Free downloads
McAfee offers free antivirus protection for 30-day trial period to find out the efficiency of McAfee to protect your PC, Databases, Email & Web and Networks. Free Trials are currently offered on following products:

  • McAfee All Access: It allows unlimited and easy-to-use protection for all devices and all the data available in each customer’s digital life.
  • McAfee AntiVirus Plus: It allows customers to confidently surf, socialize and shop online and let McAfee Antivirus Plus to protect your computer and data.
  • McAfee Internet Security: It offer customers to ensure the security of their online identities with McAfee comprehensive, real time antivirus, firewall, parental controls and spam filters.
  • McAfee Total Protection: It ensures safety of customers’ PCs, social network identities and home networks with McAfee ultimate protection against malware, hackers, phishing, and other threats.

Not only free 30-day trials, but free services and free virus scan McAfee provides. You can try them without any extra expense to get easy control of your PC and help it avoid Internet attack: McAfee SiteAdvisor software, McAfee Security Scan Plus, McAfee TechCheck, World Virus Map, Virus Removal Tools, and Internet Connection Speedometer.

4.  Why people choose McAfee?
Global Threat intelligence (GTI) Technology, range of comprehensive, tailor-made security solutions for data protection, network security, mobile security, web & Email security for household, small and large organizations and free support are some of the reasons why to go for McAfee IT security solutions. Of course, you can visit McAfee Security Advice Center and Security Community to ask experts for advice, acquire the information you need from safety tips, and share your ideas and solutions.

5.  McAfee Promo Codes And Free Trail
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