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Minutes until the Madness

Basketball fans of all ages, races, and genders look forward to this month all year long and it is now upon us again. The beloved college basketball season is soon to end, but for the next month the fans and teams will be focused on heartfelt victories for their favorite team. It all begins on Tuesday, March 9, 2013 and ends on Monday, April 8, 2013 in Atlanta, GA, where the champions will be crowned at the conclusion of the final championship game. Atlanta will be rocking with excitement and there will be triumph in the air for the game.

march madness

The potential champ’s confident expectations and the championship game ahead bring a magical feeling of pride and competition that will undoubtedly prove to be as great as the seasons past. Tickets will be going quick but are still available for the biggest games and venues around the country, with prices ranging from $156 all the way up to $4,150 at Ticket Liquidators. Depending on your favorite team’s position, this year’s championship games will deliver value for everyone that enjoys the sport and doesn’t plan to miss a minute of the live action.

The second best venue for the “madness” may be the basketball party plans that many fans will surely set into motion, to celebrate the thrill of victory or to share the agony of defeat together. While getting prepared for the big party, it is a good idea to take a few seconds off the clock by taking a look around the Web for amazing deals to help your party be an inside “3-pointer”. Looking the part is essential for fans of all ages and NCAA official gear is the look that any fan would proudly represent.

Team apparel is available for all of the teams in the tournament, including the wild card teams, with great deals at You can get up to 17% off featured apparel and your team’s apparel in March and April from College Gear. Looking the part is essential to a lot of fans that like to go large with their faithful following, sporting colorfully wild accessories featuring their favorite team’s logos. If you ask fans from all around the nation, they’ll surely tell you that their team is number 1 and gladly share the reason why. It is truly a magical March of comradery and competition for the fans that love the sport and enjoy beating the opponent.

The more fans that you plan on inviting to your basketball party, the more great snack ideas you will need, so that your party is as big a hit as the game itself. In order to complete the play and put a couple of points on the board with your guests, having a large variety of food and drinks they’ll love is key. Get a great deal at Gamer Grub where you can find a bulk deal on the snacks that the fans will love.

Gamer Grub offers performance snacks like pizza, BBQ, PB&J, and S’mores, just to name a few for you to pick for your guests. To be a big player at your party and be able to please the hardest drink order, consider a mixed drink blender from Margaritaville Cargo with an amazing 25% off; that will make you the bartender and host MVP of the March madness party. No matter which way you choose to go with your festivities for March Madness, you will be the big winner this season  as you enjoy your family, friends, and the time together.

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