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Mobile Apps that can help you save money!

Every year on 31st December we make many resolutions for the New Year. Promises that we intend to fulfill for our own betterment. And like every year, saving money is always in our list of top five. But rarely are we able to save enough money.  However for the coming year we can help you save on the cash by letting you know how your smartphone can work for you. Below we have a list of some of the amazing apps that are nothing less than a must have for all those who are looking for cost cutting without compromising a moment of their life:



1. RedLaser

Red Laser is one shopping tool we have been waiting for. With simply a bar code scan of the item or manual typing of its name fetches all the local and online shops containing that item with their prices. One can then select the shop that offers the least and go budget shopping.


2. GasBuddy

With the roaring gas prices GasBuddy is really the friend one is looking for. Using phone’s GPS system, it enlists all the nearest gas stations with their quoted prices that are time stamped to ensure up-to-date information. Once gas station is selected the app even guides you to that station.


3. App Shopper

Here is a tool for all the tech savvy people who constantly download new apps. App Shopper is not like your regular app store. Apart from allowing you to view free and priced apps, you can create your wish list of apps and be notified when they become free or go on sale.


4. Air Bnb

Why stay in a hotel when one can enjoy the comfort of the home. This is the intention behind Air Bnb app which connects travelers with people who are willing to rent spare rooms or even an entire apartment. One can even read reviews to determine the authenticity of the host and even add places under one’s wish list for future travel.


5. Turbo Tax Snap tax

Tax paying has never been so easy. With SnapTax tool all one needs to do is take a picture of W-2, then answer few questions and your application is ready to be submitted to IRS. This app however is designed for people who file tax under 1040EZ.


6. Personal Finance Personal Finance app is the perfect tool that careless spenders like us need. Free for Android and iOS users, it has tools that allow the users to view their account balance and also keep a check on their credit card bill. Its low budget alerts act as reminders ofyour limited pockets while its budgeting tool keeps your expenses in check.


7. Easy Shift

Now even a grocery shopping can help us earn. With Easy Shift app on your mobile one can easily connect to all the companies who look for shoppers with feedback. The task you one can perform vary from taking snapshot of item at display to checking the price of the promotional good at the retailer chain to giving feedback. Each task can help you earn between $3 and $8 which can be cashed through PayPal.

So this coming year allow your beloved smartphone to help you save money and let one resolution come true.