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Mocassins: The American Free-Spirited Culture in Shoes

Slippers made of deer skin are called Mocassins. Most moccasins are generally considered outdoor slippers, but are sometimes worn indoors. Though moccasins have soft soles and sides made of soft leathered materials, they are intended for touring the forest, running around with ease and protection. Though it is not designed for extremely rough roads, it is safer for the feet to wear than walking barefoot. Hunters and traders in Europe, as well as the native Indians in North America enjoyed the flexibility of the early variations of Mocassins.

Historically, moccasin has two varieties. One was the soft-soled that allows the wearer to feel the ground, while the other one was the hard-soled used in hunting over rocky roads and cacti-grown area. New Zealand, the home of moccasins had produced the most comfortable and most secured variation that has laces that served as fasteners. This type of moccasins survived until today, with a significant revision to suit the need of the modern world. With the finishing touch of the Minnetonka people in North America, the moccasins had been owned by Americans as their first footwear.

As a matter of fact, by way of the Minnetonka, the new generation moccasin had become very popular among the Americans and even around the world. A wide range of Minnetonka moccasins are showcased online, and are in display in the busy streets in almost any cities in America. Generally, moccasins are a pair of slippers-turned-shoes that had helped defined the American culture of a free-spirited heritage. The Mocassins meet the need for casual and natural style of the American men, women, including the children.

The reputation of the mocassins had spread from one culture to another. From the busy streets of New York, down to the fashionable avenues in London, and to the technology-filled locations in Japan; moccasins become prevalent.


It is one example of a classic style that never grows old. Timeless it may seem, the Minnetonka moccasins online are a true picture of shoe culture turned into a lifestyle. More and more people make the Mocassins as their first choice when buying shoes in stores or online. And there are some people who tend to buy on some good websites, such as Hush Puppies, Sebago and Sperry Top Siderand so on.

In the manufacturing industry, moccasin makers did not completely break away from the old style of making moccasins. Even in the presence of new technology for shoe making, the moccasins are viewed as more sellable when custom fitted and handcraft. Gone are the thoughts about custom fittings and fine handmade, as a thing of the past. Today, handy processes helped preserve the century-old traditions of some shoes, thus a human touch in a shoes becomes a sought-after characteristic.