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Modest Summer Fashion Ideas for Busy Moms

At the end of each school year, I always say how much I’m looking forward to summer so things will slow down. And then, summer arrives, and I realize I’m actually so much busier in the summer than I am all school year long. Because I am constantly running — to the doctor’s office for well visits, the dentist for check-ups, the parks for playdates, dropping the kids off at camp, friends’ houses… I think you get the idea — I need modest fashion ideas that will work with my busy lifestyle. Stiletto heels are beautiful, but not practical when you’re dealing with kids all day.

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Here are my modest summer fashion ideas for busy moms:

  • Maxi Skirts/Dresses – These are the perfect summer fashion must-have if you’re a busy mom. Loose, comfortable fitting skirts and dresses keep you cool, but they also allow you to move freely, and chase toddlers without fear of being immodest. You’ll often find me sporting my favorite maxi skirts and dresses whenever my kids have appointments or we’re meeting up with friends at the park. Pair them with your favorite sandals, and you’re good to go for the day! With these boohoo promo codes, you’ll find adorable maxi skirts starting at just $20!

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  • Capri Pants and T-Shirts – If you need casual comfort, you’ll feel best in capri pants and a simple t-shirt. If you’re having “one of those days,” you may want to throw your hair up in a messy bun, and pop on your favorite shirt from Textual Tees. Their hysterical shirts will show the world that some days, moms just can’t deal, so we might as well make you smile when we walk by with our screaming toddlers. Use these Textual Tees discount codes to find funny t-shirts starting at just $5.99.
  • Knee-Length Sundresses – If you are chasing toddlers all day, or running all over creation with your tweens, you are not going to want to be in a short skirt. Knee-length skirts are best for keeping you cool but covered at the same time. Opt for a bold, bright color, fun floral prints, or something subtle and simple depending on your mood.

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  • Rompers – Now, rompers are not my thing, but I know many busy moms who swear by them. (They also never, ever use the restroom in public. 😉 ) Rompers are great because the one piece allows you the modesty to stay covered, but at the same time, they allow you to stay cool an comfortable. There are so many different styles and types of rompers, that if you spend some time looking, you’re sure to find something that suits you perfectly.
  • Leggings & a Loose Flowing Blouse – Leggings are SO “in” right now. Everybody owns them, wears them, and loves them. But, if you want that extra dose of modesty, consider pairing your leggings with a loose flowing blouse. Not only will it keep you cool on the hottest days, but it will cover all the areas the need covering, all while allowing you to move freely anywhere the day takes you.

I hope these modest summer fashion ideas for busy moms help you out!