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Modest Women’s Halloween Costumes Featuring Empowered Women

modest womens halloween costumesWhen it comes to Halloween costume options for women, it overwhelmingly feels like you’re expected to show off a lot of skin. For those who are okay doing so, more power to them. But if you dress fairly modestly on a day-to-day basis, the fact that it’s a holiday may not be enough to justify baring it all.

This can be especially true if you’re a mother. Even if you are comfortable being a little more revealing when you’re out with friends, if you want to dress up with your kids for any school, church, or trick-or-treating events, many costumes you see on the shelf will be flagged as inappropriate.

We’ve taken a good look, and found some great, attractive, and modest Halloween costume options from Party City’s holiday section known as Halloween City. Extra bonus: these costumes aren’t only modest, they feature empowered women.

Elsa from Frozen

Elsa is an empowered woman in every sense of the word. At her story’s start, the destructive nature of her powers paralyzes her into fear. She’s afraid of ever coming into contact with anyone in fear that she may hurt them. As the story progresses, she first learns to embrace her powers in isolation, and then learns to harness them to help bring joy and beauty to those around her. She learns to embrace what she can do rather than be ashamed of it.

This costume does have sheer, off-the shoulder sleeves. If that isn’t quite modest enough for you, you can always throw on a white, long-sleeved shirt underneath. You’ll be covered up, but still get Elsa’s sparkle.

Marge Simpson

Marge Simpson proves that you don’t have to work outside the home to be empowered. While she does have some lines that demonstrate the duplicity of the PC mindset, largely she is the one in control. Her husband is ridiculous, her town often submits to egregious behavior, and she’s often under a lot of pressure from her family to choose the lifestyle they want for her. She prevails every time by being the voice of reason, setting the insanity straight, and doing what’s best for her rather than what other people want her to do.

This outfit hits the knee, and comes with yellow sleeves and a high neckline, mimicking the cartoon’s skin.

Betsy Ross

Betsy Ross was an impressive woman. She was educated, mastered a trade, opened a business with her husband in that trade, and then won a competitive bid to create the first American flag. After she used her skills in upholstery to create the emblem we now revere as the symbol of our nation, she went on to become a leader of the Free Quakers, a group of Quakers that abandoned the one hundred percent peaceful, neutral status of the religion of their youth, and supported the revolutionaries in the war against Britain.

While labelled “Adult Colonial Woman Costume,” the accompanying flag will give away that you are, indeed, Betsy Ross. Dressing up as this empowered woman is comfortable in all settings with a high neckline and long skirt. True to colonial times, the outfit shows womanly features without showing too much skin.

Modest Women’s Halloween Costumes

Halloween has turned into a holiday for everyone. While it can be discouraging to largely see outfits you wouldn’t be comfortable wearing, with a little looking you can dress modestly, walk into your kids’ school, and have a fun Halloween without feeling uncomfortable.  Remember when you’re shopping to keep an eye out for sales and promo codes to maximize your savings.