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Mom’s Back to School Must-Haves

Everywhere around the world, parents are thinking about what their kids need to head back to school. There are usually weeks of preparation that go into getting the kids ready for those first few days and weeks back in the classroom. In most cases, moms tend to do a lot of the prep work when it comes to getting the kids ready to head back to school. There are so many things to do, and more and more, there is much less time to get it all done in. If you have multiple children, it’s no easy task to juggle their new schedules, making sure their clothing fits well and shopping for all of their needed school supplies. Once everyone has what they need to start the new school year, it’s usually up to mom to make sure that everything runs smoothly from the time the kids’ feet hit the floor in the morning, to the time heads are laying down to rest each evening. Here are some great ideas for helpers that’ll keep mom running at tip-top speed as the school year starts back.

Starting the day with a fresh, hot cup of coffee is pretty much a must for most parents. Moms might want to enjoy just a few minutes of quiet time each morning before the rest of the family gets up. Making a nice cup of coffee or tea without making too much noise is easy, thanks to Keurig brewers. Just pop a coffee pod into the machine, and you’ll have your favorite roast hot and ready within minutes! You can keep different flavored syrups and add-ins to give your coffee that favorite coffee shop taste, right at home! It’s convenient, saves money, and it’ll really help you get your day going. Get 20% off sitewide, plus free shipping at Keurig.

Organizers and planners can be a huge time-saver for busy parents. Keep everyone’s schedules in one place with Erin Condren planners and organizers. You can save 15% when you buy four or more accessories. Make your planner your own- decorate it, and make it a creative space that works for you, helping you to plan the details of your days and weeks. You can plan and organize everything from grocery lists to soccer games and school performances for your kids. Don’t forget about those doctor’s appointments and after school activities like piano lessons. Keep it all streamlined and organized for each child, so you know who needs to be where, and when. Don’t forget to pencil in a little downtime for yourself every now and then.

Use a meal delivery service like Hello Fresh to save time on busy weeknights. Bring everyone together at the table for a family meal without having to go through the headaches of going to the grocery store for all of the ingredients you need. Hello Fresh will deliver a box of fresh ingredients directly to your door, as well as supply you with directions and recipes for healthy, tasty meals that the whole family will love.  You may never want to go back to regular meal planning again after trying it- it’s so convenient and so delicious! Get started and save 50% off any Hello Fresh order.

Don;t forget about getting a good night’s sleep. So many parents are up late, and then up early in the morning, without getting a proper night’s sleep. Turn off devices in the bedroom and try reading a good old book if you need help falling asleep at night. A sound machine is also a great way to add a bit of noise to the room without it being too distracting. Hopefully, these tips will help you and your family have an amazing start to the new school year.