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Month By Month Seasonal Sales Guide

Do you know when the best time to buy the things you love is? By following our seasonal sales guide, you’ll always know when to buy everything that you need and at the best price, too. Sales tend to follow cycles every year. Each month there are certain seasonal sales that will get you in the mood to never spend a penny more than you have to. Why would you spend more when you have the perfect guide to savings here at your fingertips?

This month you will find sales on all things for your bedroom. Sheets, comforters, pillows, and pillow cases are often on sale now. Some electronics are being put on sale to make room for the new models that are coming in. Take advantage of these sales for the poshest bedroom on the block.

With Valentine’s Day on the way, you will find a number of jewelry items on sale now. This is the perfect time to buy anniversary rings or even engagement rings. Jewelers find that this month is one of their best profitable months for sales, so they will put much of their stock on the table at reduced prices.

This is the month to find winter clothing on sale. Stock up now on hats, gloves, mittens, and other outwear items. As Easter approaches you will also find some clothing on sale, but beware of Easter outfits – these are not sale items but are often placed in the same category as clothing sales. This is a great month for low to no shipping costs as online retailers want to reduce their stock of winter items.

April is a great month for automotive parts. While you may think that you can run to the closest automotive parts store for the best price, were you aware that they order all of their parts online? Use your computer for the absolute best prices for auto parts.

Bedding and beds make this the month for revamping your sleeping arrangements. New mattress sets are hot in May.

Father’s Day makes for great sales on hardware, home improvement, and exercise items. Look for rock bottom prices on everything from nails to power drills.

You will find a number of things on sale this month. Online swimming pool retailers often place large summer sales during July. Bathing suits, beach wear, towels, grills, and other outdoor items are hot. You may also find indoor furniture on sale during this month.

Back to school sales on clothing and electronics make August the best month to shop for anything students may need. You will also find sales on bedroom furniture and desks.

Home appliances are usually on sale in September. You will find large appliances are on sale because new models are coming. Computers often go on sale in September for college students. Some seed stores will offer deep discounts on live plants. Before you order, make sure the live plants can be shipped to your area.

Air conditioners go on sale in October as fall gets into full swing. Many parts of the US are starting to turn cooler, so stores will want to reduce their stock of air conditioners to turn a profit.

Food items for Thanksgiving, small appliances, and gift packs are making their sales debut this month. Retailers like to get an early start on the upcoming gift giving season, you should, too!

This is the month when anything and everything can be on sale. Retailers know that everyone has different tastes, so they will place markdowns on almost everything they have in stock. You may also find great deals on cars this month, too. Be sure to catch the sales a day or two after Christmas so you can prepare for next year.