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Monthly Gift Subscriptions Your Dad Will Love

Think about all of the things your dad has done for you over the years. Did he give you endless piggyback rides, tuck you in bed each night or read you the same bedtime story hundreds of times? Did he spend $50 trying to win you a goldfish at the state fair or spend an afternoon on roller coasters even though he was terrified of each and every one of them? Let’s face it dads do an awful lot for us and rarely ask for much in return.

This Father’s Day show your appreciation for all that your dad has done. Buy him a gift subscription he’s sure to love.

Carnivore Club

If your dad is a meat lover then check out the Carnivore Club. This gift subscription is sure to please the dad who loves sausage, ham, bacon and other cured meats. The Carnivore Club is the first curated meat of the month club featuring artisans from around the world. Each month your dad will receive a themed box focusing on a particular style of cured meats such as Italian Salami, Spanish Chorizo and Artisanal Jerky. This Father’s Day save 10% with coupon code: myfathercarnivore.


Winc is the subscription gift for wine lovers. Before your dad receives his first bottle of wine he will be asked to fill out a series of food related questions. These will help Winc customize wine selections based on his tastes. Once your dad’s profile is complete Winc will handpick wines based on those preferences. This ensures each bottle will please his discerning palette. In fact, Winc comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee so your dad will never have to worry about receiving a bottle he doesn’t like.

Dollar Shave Club

Most men shave daily, so why not give dad a gift you know he’ll use? If you want to provide your dad with a practical gift consider a subscription to the Dollar Shave Club. You can gift a three, six or twelve month subscription that includes a razor handle and replaceable razor blades. The first box also includes shave cream and shave butter. Use code TRIAL to receive $5 off your first subscription box.

Craft Beer Club

If your dad enjoys beer then check out the Craft Beer Club, which will deliver craft brews directly to your dad’s doorstep. Produced by independent brewers, these craft beers are brewed using traditional, time-honored techniques. Each delivery includes twelve world-class craft beers in four different styles. Choose from monthly, every-other-month or quarterly shipments. Gift plans range from one month to twelve months. Right now you can receive up to three bonus gifts with your first order.

If you want to give a Father’s Day gift that keeps on giving consider one of the gift subscriptions mentioned above.