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Most Valuable Back to School Tech Supplies Guide

This is the day of the Digital Natives. In a world full of technology, it’s no surprise that your child is going to need some tech supplies for school as well. Whether in high school, middle school, grade school, or college, don’t forget to gear up on back to school tech supplies. We have compiled a list of this year’s most valuable tech supplies:


If your looking for an affordable high quality laptop check out HP. You don’t need to purchase anything high tech for what they will need for school. Check out the great value laptops they offer. You can score a decent laptop for around $300.

The Apple IPad Pro

Schools everywhere are hopping over to online books instead of the old school style books. The Apple IPad Pro is a necessity in many schools that use technology in their classrooms. Not only do they need it to do their homework, but there are many Apple apps available to help students in areas they may struggle with such as math, reading, or science.

Portable Chargerportable charger

If your child is using their phone or tablet all day, the battery is sure to drain fast. When it comes to keeping your tech supplies up and running when you need them, a portable charger is a convenient way to charge your gadgets on the run. Check out Best Buy for all your partable charger needs.

Scientific or Graphing Calculator

Algebra and Geometry are being taught younger and younger. As math and science become a crucial part of the new STEM program, scientific and graphing calculators are going to be a major necessity. Equip your child with the tools they need to succeed in getting them the best calculator on the market.

Apple iPhone 6apple iphone 6

After school practice, games, homework, and friends are all a part of your kid’s life. When it comes to staying in touch, you want your kid to have something that will keep them connected. With improved speed, faster wireless, and touch ID sensor, you can rest assured your kid can always be contacted or reach you when they need to.

SanDisk Mobile Storage Device

Getting things, you need from one gadget to another is now easier than ever. The SanDisk mobile storage device saves documents, pictures, and more from your phone, tablet, or laptop.

Don’t forget to hop on over to AT&T U-verse to save on all your internet needs for your gadgets. With over 99% reliability, you can’t beat AT&T prices. What are you waiting for?