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Mother of The Year Award Of PromosPro — Victoria Beckham

There are plenty role models who deserve the “AnyCodes Mother of The Year” recognition on our blog, of these wonderful role models include Angelina Jolie, Katie Holmes, and Jenny McCarthy, just to name a few. But why are these women the epitome of motherhood? Let’s take a look!

Former award-winning journalist, Heather K. Adams, wrote a very attractive article about these celebrities back in 2009.

Although it seems long ago, we agree on the qualities these women still embody today, making them wonderful mothers in our professional opinion.

From adopting beautiful children to ambitiously maintaining a “normal lifestyle” for their children, these celebrities have been able to juggle between fame and motherhood.

When it comes to recognizing the mother of the year, however, we have to give credit to the beautiful Victoria Beckham. Her reputation has not always been gracefully advertised on the tabloids, yet the more we learn about her efforts to advocate for womanpower alongside her raising habits/abilities, the more we believe she deserves our “Mother of The Year Award.”

Some attributes Mrs. Beckham upholds or represents as a great mother include her dedication to maintain a healthy marriage since 1997, when she met Mr. Right — David Beckham.

This golden couple’s first baby, Brooklyn, was born on March 4, 1999 and they married on July 4 of the same year. Now they make up a family of six with Romeo James, 12; Cruz David, 9; and their lovely daughter Harper Seven; who is 3.

Although Mrs Beckham’s schedule is hectic with the fashion business, modelling, designing, and being a recognized business owner, she looks after her four children and tries to nurture her beautiful family as best as she can. Not only is she the essence of a great role model, but she’s also a caring Samaritan. Recently, she travelled to Africa in support of the Born Free foundation – a charity aiming to eradicate the transmission of HIV from mother to child by 2015.

Apart from her family, she also maintains her beauty by living a healthy lifestyle and proudly balancing it between work and family. She revealed her fitness routine on an interview with the Telegram UK. She gets up at 6 a.m. every day and runs four miles daily. Because people are curious about her diet, we share with you some of her eating recipes. She is a fan of wheat grass shots. She even posted her marvellous recipe on twitter:

Because we believe Victoria Beckham is a great mother and role model, we want to encourage you to recognize your mother as “Mother of The Year” for all the time and dedication she has taken to provide you with a beautiful life.

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