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Mother’s Day Fun…On a Budget

Mother’s Day is not about expensive gifts, but thoughtful, meaningful sentiments. For many families quality time without having to cook breakfast or do laundry is enough. If you’re looking for ways to celebrate Mother’s Day, check out these inexpensive, quirky ideas: Workshop image

1. A Home Depot Workshop! This Saturday, May 2, the kids’ workshop is creating creating frames out of wood! Your child gets to work on it himself and will be so proud of his or her work and mom will appreciate it. And best of all, it’s free!

2.  Create a love jar. You can do this as her husband, or as a family. Your kids can decorate a mason jar with stickers or Sharpie markers and fill it with loves notes. I love you because….and fill the jar with all of the reasons we love mom. She might keep this on her desk at work for years to come.

3. A day off. While quality time is always a good things, maybe schedule an outing on Saturday and give mom Sunday to be by herself. Take the kids to grandma’s and give her a couple of hours of quiet.

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4. A Picnic lunch. Mom’s appreciate attention to detail. Find a great spot, bring a blanket and picnic basket. An inexpensive wine stand might be the special touch she’s looking for. It reminds her that it’s Mom’s day to RELAX!

5. Memories.  Remind mom to take a moment, slow down and remember the good stuff. This memory journal from Amazon is inexpensive, but pays off big. Find it at Amazon

6. A Bath Basket. Mom’s like baths. It’s a fact. Spend some time creating a basket of bath accessories that promote relaxation. Bath beads, salts, scented bubble bath, a bath pillow, and a water proof speaker are great ideas. Just don’t forget to give her the time to actually take a bath!

7. Visit A Winery–this is one step up from #4! Most wineries have plenty of open space where the kids can play. You might bring a Frisbee or some other easy-to-transport outdoor toys for the kids while you sip wine (responsibly of course!). Invite the rest of the family on the outing instead of doing an expensive brunch. A few bottles of wine might run you $50 and you can bring the rest!

Whatever you choose, remember that Mother’s Day is about love, appreciate and thoughtfulness. Good luck!