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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Grandma

Mother's Day Gifts for Grandma

Ask any mother, and she’ll tell you that Mother’s Day isn’t just about her; it’s about her mom, too.  Grandma is the best babysitter, the person mom calls for advice or a good vent session, and of course the one that started this wonderful chain reaction of life that resulted in the cutest grandchildren ever.  She’s also usually the best gift giver, so this Mother’s Day, get her something that will mean the world to her.  It will probably cost less than you think.

Here are three warm and fuzzy ideas that are sure to capture grandma’s heart.

Photo Books

There’s not a grandmother in this world that doesn’t love showing off pictures of her grandchildren.  Make it easier for her by gifting her a photo book full of pictures of the little ones with her, the kids reaching milestones, or just those adorable pics that are born out of everyday moments.   Right now is a great time to buy as many of the online sites that allow you to design-your-own have massive sales going on for the holidays.  For example, at MyPublisher you can currently get up to 65% off your photo book.

Family Tree or Birthstone Necklaces

Whether Grandma is or was a world renowned neuroscientist, or the world’s best stay-at-home mom, her greatest achievement is always her grandchildren.  Help her celebrate them daily with a birthstone necklace.  These necklaces have a pendant personalized with each grandchild’s birthstone, and some come with the option to engrave their names.

Family tree necklaces are much the same except there is a tree emblem in the middle of the necklace with the birthstones typically set in the outer leaves.  Both are beautiful options, and every one we’ve given has been worn on a daily basis.  It’s the gift that can’t go wrong.  Places like GetNameNecklace have them for 20% off to help you save on May 10th.

Make an Art Book

The ultimate exercise in frugality, art books are a great gift to bring some joy to grandma’s day and help you clean out your house.  All moms have it:  that drawer or cabinet full of artwork your kids made that you feel guilty throwing away.  You can’t hold onto it all forever, but you can’t bear to put any of their hard work in the trash.

Kill two birds with one stone by binding the art into an art book.  You can make it fancy, punching and rolling with a plastic binding at a place like FedEx.  You could use a hole punch and insert large, metal rings.  You could even go as simple as hole punching and binding it together with yarn.  The binding won’t be as important as the content, which is her grandchild’s imagination and creativity manifested in art.  Have your child make a mother’s day cover page, and you have a next-to-free gift that she’s sure to love.

Whatever you get or make grandma, as long as you have your children involved in some way,  you’re sure to have a gift that she’ll love. Regardless of how much money you spent on it.