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Mother’s Day Gifts for Girly Moms

girly mom

Not all moms enjoy all things labeled “girly.” But some do.

When you’re buying these women gifts, they’re going to love all things sugar and spice. Sound like your mother or partner? Here are some shopping ideas for you for this Mother’s Day, and ways to save while still getting them quality products that they’re sure to appreciate.


Shoes are a staple in many women’s closets. If you have a shoe lover at home, you’ll either want to buy her something unique to add to her collection, or get her a gift card so she can enjoy the thrill of shopping herself. A great place to get fabulous shoes at an equally fabulous price is ShoesPie. Their inventory is already marked down to up to 90% off, and you can get an additional 15% off by using promo codes. They don’t do gift cards, but if you want to let her do the shopping herself, you could easily DIY a cute one yourself, let her go shopping and then handle checkout on your own.


As we get older, we stop settling for drugstore brands and start settling into reliable makeup lines that make us look great at all times. For many women, once they find a brand that works for their skin type, they stay loyal.

The only thing about graduating from the drugstore is that as quality goes up, prices do, too. That makes gifting mom some of her favorite makeup a gift that she’s sure to appreciate not only because you know she loves her brand, but also because it frees up a good chunk of money she would have had to spend otherwise.


Salons are expensive, and doing  your own nails at home is a pain. You have to put up with harmful chemicals, and then not touch anything for at least 20 minutes afterwards if you don’t want to mess up all of your hard work.

A fun gift that also saves money and convenience is Jamberry Nails. They come in a ton of fun designs, are way cheaper than a professional manicure yet just as high quality (sometimes better!), they last longer, and eliminate the problems of DIYing your own nails.

Typically, Jamberry is sold directly through consultants. Don’t know one? No problem. We just happen to know a few places where you can get them online at great prices.


You’ve got the shoes, the makeup and the nails; now all she needs is the jewelry. Don’t fret, though. While diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, agate is the gemstone that best represents motherhood as it symbolizes the strength of those that protect us. You’ll often find it used in reliefs for Mother Mary or beautiful reliefs representing motherhood in a more generic, yet still meaningful, fashion.

Over the next couple of weeks, be on the lookout for sales on agate reliefs, as its blue and white hues are typically a cornerstone of jewelry sales this time of year. It’s a way to show deep, meaningful appreciation without spending a diamond-sized amount of cash.